The Journey From Driver to Private Chauffeur

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Published on July 12, 2021

Being a private chauffeur is an exciting and rewarding job. You can work for amazing households, in exciting locations, driving luxury cars. But the road to becoming a private chauffeur can sometimes be difficult. Should you just be a good driver? Know your way around big cities? Or are there other skills and characteristics, that make a private chauffeur stand out? Let us take you on the journey from driver to private chauffeur, to find out all.

The Different Types of Chauffeurs

First, let’s have a look at what makes a private chauffeur different. And how you can get from being a driver to a private chauffeur. When we talk about a private chauffeur, we mean someone working for a domestic household.

Corporate VS Private Chauffeur

So this is different from a corporate chauffeur, who would be employed by a company. Even though corporate and private chauffeurs might have lots in common, a private chauffeur is directly employed by the family. And will only work for the family and their guests.

A corporate chauffeur can work for several different people. They might be in charge of driving all the company CEO’s, for example. There are similarities. A corporate high-end chauffeur would likely be offering the same level of service a private chauffeur would do. But when you are a private chauffeur, you will build up a special bond with your Principal, or family you work with.

Some people prefer the variety that corporate chauffeuring can bring in terms of clients, and being employed by a company. A private chauffeur role is more personal, you might have to be more flexible at times, but you can also build up an amazing bond with the family you work for.

The Journey From Driver to Private Chauffeur

Many people are interested in becoming a private chauffeur, some for the wrong reasons. Some people underestimate the skill set required to be a private chauffeur. It really is so much more than simply driving people around. And knowing that will make the journey from driver to private chauffeur a bit more clear.

So let’s firstly have a look at the example of a taxi driver. Could a private chauffeur make a great taxi driver? Probably, yes. As the chauffeur will have the knowledge of the roads, and the driving skill to get people where they need to be. Now let’s look at it from the opposite way. Can a taxi driver be a great private chauffeur? Potentially, yes.

But whereas the main important skills of a taxi driver are the driving skills and knowledge of the road. For a private chauffeur, it is the outstanding service, discretion and people skills that really stand out.

Punctuality & Organisation

As a private chauffeur, you need to be extremely punctual and organised. You need to be flexible and be able to deal with last-minute changes in a calm and professional manner. Because when working for a private household, you will have to adapt to the family situation and lifestyle. They will look at you to have all travel arrangements under control. From scheduling the school runs to afternoon pickups, office drop-offs and other travel arrangements.

The Finishing Touches

So what makes a private chauffeur different from a driver, taxi driver or courier, for example? It is the outstanding level of service, attention to detail and finishing touches they will bring. A private chauffeur knows that they are not just there to get their client or principal from one location to the other. They think about the comfort levels in the car. What music they might like to listen to if any. A private chauffeur would remember if someone likes the heated seats on, or the air conditioning, or a window open.

A private chauffeur knows that they are offering a luxury travel experience, rather than just transport. And with that in mind, you can start your journey from driver to private chauffeur. If you are a greatly experienced driver, but you are missing those service touches, you can work on that by doing suited training. Etiquette or butler training would both be very suitable. As you will learn about correct behaviour, the ‘right’ ways of doing things, and how to provide the ultimate level of service!

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

Are you more clear on the journey from driver to private chauffeur? Do you know where to start? We can help! Our Polo & Tweed training academy can be a great start to a new career as a private chauffeur.

If you still have questions or would like any advice, then please do drop us a line, we are always happy to help or give impartial advice.  We have a wide range of excellent Private Chauffeurs, so if you’d like us to find your perfect private Chauffeur do get in touch and we can help you start the journey from driver to private chauffeur.


  1. Mark Tams says:


    I’m looking into getting in to the chauffeuring industry and wondered if you could recommend a course that I could go on to learn more and to get some qualifications.I currently live in staffordshire and wondered if there are any in my area.

    • mm Gabriela Pacurar says:

      Hi Mark, thank you for reaching out. We don’t offer driving courses, but we offer etiquette and butler courses which are great for expanding your knowledge and learning more about how a private chauffeur should act. You can find more information on our website here.

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