Holiday Nanny

A holiday nanny or temporary nanny is the perfect option for a family needing a short term solution.  Perhaps your nanny has taken extended sick leave, or perhaps you need an extra pair of hands on your next holiday.  Whatever the situation is we can provide short term cover, from babysitters through to longer term temporary placements.


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When to consider hiring a holiday nanny

Elite families have particular needs while traveling which means they need a special kind of nanny. Holiday nannies are specially fit for elite families because they are well versed with being extremely flexible and adaptive to the needs of the family.  

Elite families also have additional skills – for example if you are traveling on board your super yacht, the Nanny will have qualifications in lifeguarding and be extremely strong swimmers.  Depending on your travel (skiing, yachting, horse riding, beach going, etc.) a holiday nanny will be suited to meet your family and holiday needs.

How we can help you find the right holiday nanny

At Polo & Tweed we recruit the highest quality holiday nannies for elite families. When you work with us you can rest assured that you will:

  • Receive personal care – we have a close relationship with our clients. We will listen to all of your specific requirements and search to find you the perfect holiday nanny.
  • Best selection of live in nannies – our database and network of candidates is extensive and we network with other luxury agencies for access to the most elite nannies of the world.
  • Quality assurance – we don’t get paid until you find the perfect holiday nanny for your family.


What you would need to consider:


Our process to book you a temporary/holiday Nanny is different than finding you a full time or part time nanny.  Normally we send the client multiple CVs for consideration.  However in this situation, we find out the requirements for the position, the dates that are required, and then we send you 1/2 CVs to pick from.

Speed is usually a requirement and sometimes we are asked to find someone for the following day.  In this case, we will select the holiday nanny, book them, and then send through the CV and details to you for review.  As this is not a lengthy hire, we do not have a lengthy recruitment process.  However, rest assured all our candidates are background checked/reference checked as with all of the candidates that go through our recruitment process.


If you require a specific skill then this is the time to tell us.  For example if you are going to spend a few weeks at sea, its probably vital the holiday nanny can swim.  Likewise if you require a Nanny for your family estate where horses are a bit part of the daily activates, we need to ensure the candidate is familiar with horses and not allergic!  If you need the candidate to do lots of cooking for the family, then again this is a specific skill that should be mentioned.


For short term placements, most of our clients are generally looking for what P&T suggest is the right fit.  That being said, if you require a specific qualification such as a Norland nanny for your insurance then please let the team know so we can ensure to give you exactly what you need.


Salary you would expect to pay:

Holiday/Temporary Nannies either work on a day or weekly rate.  That being said as it is a temporary/short term placement you will expect to pay a little higher than a normal salary, as these placements can be last minute.

Entry level/Less experienced Nannies:£80-130 net per day or £350-450 net per week

Mid level/More experienced Nannies:  £130-180 net per day or £450 – £600 net per week

High level/Very experienced Nannies:  £180+ net per day or £600+ net per week£800+ net per week

This can be affected by package offered, and P&T is well versed with any type of challenge!


Start Your Search for a Holiday Nanny


If you have further questions about live in nannies, feel free to send us a message or contact us by phone +44 (0) 203 858 0233