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Published on November 12, 2019

Is your housekeeper doing a good job? Spot the signs of poor housekeeping early on to save time, money and avoid health risks Share on XHow do know if your Housekeeper is going a good job?

Signs that your housekeeper is doing a poor job are probably easier to spot.

Poor housekeeping can result in unsafe and unhealthy conditions in your home. Having an unprofessional housekeeper also costs you time and money. Avoid these negative consequences by monitoring your housekeeper and looking for telltale signs of poor housekeeping.

Poor housekeeping results in untidiness, disorder, poor storage of items around the household and wasted cleaning products. Additionally, Clutter and disorder reduces productivity, leading to even poorer housekeeping practices.

12 Signs of Poor Housekeeping

Spotting these 12 signs of poor housekeeping will help you evaluate the professionalism of your current housekeeper. So if you notice any of these in your home, your housekeeper probably isn’t providing a proper level of service.

  1. Clutter
  2. Poor organisation
  3. Untidiness
  4. Dust
  5. Dirty floors
  6. Dirty counter tops
  7. Mould around the bath
  8. Spills and leaks
  9. Low stock/running out of things
  10. Housekeeping tools left around the house
  11. Damage
  12. Full bins

Hazards of Poor Housekeeping

Poor housekeeping can end up being hazardous to your health. You could trip and fall on clutter. Young family members could be seriously injured by housekeeping tools and materials improperly stored and left lying around.

Someone could easily slip on any leaks and spills that are not promptly cleaned up. Water, moisture, oils, grease and other liquids left on the floor are all potential slip hazards.

Your housekeeper should keep track of cleaning supplies so that they don’t run out. Running low on cleaning materials will cause delays and result in an ongoing decline in your home’s standards of cleanliness.

Mould and dirt left to fester can lead to illness and infection, so you must spot the signs of poor housekeeping early on.

Stay on top of these signs of poor housekeeping to ensure your household is always in tip-top condition!

Take Action to Prevent Poor Housekeeping

If you have noticed any of the poor housekeeping signs above, your housekeeper is clearly not up to the job. However, some of these instances of poor housekeeping can be easily resolved with simple communication. Your housekeeper may just need some extra training so that they know the correct practices and procedures of their job. If that doesn’t work then it’s probably time let go of your housekeeper and start the search for someone more experienced.

Get Professional Help from Polo & Tweed

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