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Published on August 28, 2018

Better productivity comes from confidence and happiness, and effective training programmes can ensure these benefits! Click To TweetThe hotel industry is booming.  Families hiring domestic maids is also a big business around the world.  Regardless of the type of industry, the maids working there are integral to the success or failure of the hotel or property.

There are a number of different approaches to training, but simply put, the skills to learn and develop the craft of cleaning – to the highest standard – is something that should be practised and polished!

So what maids training benefits might you expect?  Why should you invest in training your staff or future staff that work for you?

That are many maids training benefits that you will expect to see.  But firstly we have to first identify some common problems which result in maids training courses.

So what are the problems that hotel staff encounter when cleaning?

There are a number of problems which hotel staff and maids can encounter when cleaning, these can include:

  • Time Management
  • Lack of rota or scheduling causing time delays
  • Lack of clarity over duties and tasks in the areas they are working within
  • Not a clear understanding of standards and expectations of the hotel or family
  • Lacking correct technique or skills for the actual housekeeping or cleaning duties
  • Struggle with communication across the team, or lack of hierarchy or understanding of management flow
  • Issues with etiquette on client or guest interactions

So what are the benefits that hotel staff and employers reap from a maid training course?

Confidence = Staff productivity & Happiness

Staff productivity & Happiness = Lower turnover of staff and higher turnover of profits

It might seem like a simple equation, but your bottom line in the hotel industry will be dramatically improved by staff training.  In fact some of the biggest and most successful hotel chains regularly train their in housemaids and housekeepers, and statistics show that the staff who are happy and confident with their jobs, giving a higher focus to their jobs.

The same can be seen for housekeepers or maids working in the private industry, the principal will in the end save money in the long run, with less recruitment and an improved working environment for their staff.

What does P&T offer?

Polo & Tweed to be the worlds leading providing training option for housekeepers and maids around the world.  Both in the corporate hotel industry and in the domestic industry.  We offer group and private training for housekeepers and maids.  We can offer an entirely personal and created programme to suit your specific needs.  Using our extensive modules, we can work with the existing areas to create a comprehensive programme to improve and iron out any areas for concern.

We also offer yearly packages for hotels who wish to undertake serious and long-term arrangements to improve their maids and increase their bottom line.  Why not get in touch with us today and we can discuss more how P&T can help you.


  1. Dejana Radonjic says:

    Good afternoon,
    Recently I have employed a male housekeeper from Bangladesh ( speaking Urdu) for my house in Dubai. He is a great boy, willing to learn, but he used to be office boy and I want to train him to be high end buttler educated housekeeper.
    The only thing is his english is limited, so I was wondering if we can try trial online class?
    I want him to learn how to take care of the loundry, garments, time management, groceries… etc.


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