Luxury Nanny: Your Entry Into the Social Elite?

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Published on August 22, 2016


It’s not what you know, it’s who your nanny knows… 

You want the best for your children. Although you can get them the best education and healthcare, how do you make sure your child is getting connected with the right people introduced into the right social circles? The right nanny can be your savior.

The best future for your child

Investing in a high end, luxury nanny may be a good fit for your family if you’re looking for more than just outstanding childcare. Any highly experienced and educated nanny can provide the care, support and guidance your child needs to develop, learn and grow. But it will be wise to look further ahead, and think about what kind of future you want for your child.

Why the right network is important

Being connected to the right people can make a difference in all aspects of your child’s life and your life. From the schools they will get into to the right job opportunities and the way they carry themselves, connections can be everything.

Schooling and tutors can only do so much for your children; if you are moving around in the right social circles, however, more opportunities will present themselves. The classic “it is not what you know, it’s who you know” is still very relevant in modern day life. A nanny who is already plugged in to your local elite network can be your introduction to a vibrant social circle.

Not connected in the right circles? How your child can help

Having worked hard for your money and success you may now find yourself able to afford things like a nanny and private education, but that doesn’t guarantee you or your child an introduction to your elite colleagues. We all know how valuable referrals are and introductions to social circles are no exception. An experienced luxury nanny will introduce you and your child to families with similar lifestyles via playdates and casual meetups so you can get to know your peers. 

The luxury nanny and her network: this is why you need her

The luxury nanny, or super nanny, has the one thing – besides her outstanding childcare knowledge and skills – you are after: the right network.


It’s possible your new nanny has been a nanny for other children who have attended the exact private school you want your child to go to. Knowing the people there, she will still be heavily involved in these school networks and social groups and can easily introduce you to the school board.

Knowing the right people at one private school often means knowing more from other schools too. With her connections she can make introductions for interviews. Your nanny will be excellent in helping with school applications as she has the inside knowledge of what is expected and needed.

Finally, if your child indeed will attend, or is already attending one of these private schools, she will be excellent in providing guidance with school projects and homework. Understanding the level of skills, commitment and dedication required to success at these schools will be vital to your child’s success.

Social network: 

Besides education, the right social connection can be vital to open up opportunities later in life.

The luxury or supernanny will have previously worked for high society families, or come from this in her own background and upbringing. She can make the right introductions to the right people for your child.

Here you can think of, for example, sports clubs your child could join – a great way to build up a network in an informal, active environment. Younger children and toddlers can be introduced to the right playgroups – another great way of connecting with like minded people who will be socialising in the right circles.

Finally, there are all the high society balls, charity gala’s, and events throughout the year which is a great way for you and your child to network. Your supernanny will be in sync with the exact high society social calendar and will be able to open these doors for you and your child.


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