Super Nanny

A super nanny does what it says on the tin.  Generally degree qualified, with a vast background of experience and knowledge, long term positions and the ability to mould into any family.  They can have additional qualifications such as being a Norland nanny, or may also be a native British nanny.  They may also have specific skills such as Mandarin speaking or governess qualifications.  No matter what element of super you are looking for, you can rest assured P&T have some of the finest candidates on our books looking for work, and for their next long term position.

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What to expect from your super nanny

A super nanny will be able to provide the ultimate care for your family, meeting your exact requirements. From teaching your children Mandarin to being advanced horse riders, there is a super nanny for just about every specific skill set you desire.  They will be professional, discreet, and will be able to help with all aspects of child development.  Super nannies are extremely flexible and able to adjust their schedule to suit the needs of your family. Typically super nannies occupy long term positions with elite families.  

How we can help you find the right super nanny

At Polo & Tweed we recruit the highest quality super nannies for elite families. When you work with us you can rest assured that you will:

  • Receive personal care – we have a close relationship with our clients. We listen and carefully consider all of your specific requirements, questions, and concerns before starting our search for your super nanny. We also offer 24-hour support so you can rest assured we are always there for you.
  • Best selection of live in nannies – our database and network of candidates is extensive and we network with other luxury agencies for access to the most elite nannies of the world.
  • Quality assurance – we don’t get paid until you find the perfect super nanny.


What you need to consider:


If you require a very specific skill think about how this will impact your selection.  For example Mandarin speaking Nannies are in hot demand at the moment, and this means that candidates who speak Mandarin know they can charge a premium for their services.  We have some wonderful Mandarin nannies on our books, but they fall into a higher salary bracket due to this.  Likewise if you require your nanny to have advanced yachting skills (due to time spent on your private yacht), remember that this will also require a higher salary.


Decide what qualifications are key to you.  Some clients specific degree qualification, other specify specific degree qualifications, and some even prefer PHDs!  No matter what your requirements are, we can help you find the perfect candidate for your search.


Salary you would expect to pay:

The super nanny is a the very top of their game.  There are no entry level candidates.  Candidates that qualify as a super nanny will have 10 years plus in their profession and have a history of long term positions.   You would expect to pay anywhere from the region of £650 net a week upwards.

This can be affected by package offered, and P&T is well versed with any type of challenge!


Start Your Search for a Super Nanny


If you have further questions about super nannies, feel free to send us a message or contact us by phone +44 (0) 203 858 0233