Hiring a Private Caregiver: Real Client Scenario Examples


Published on June 28, 2017

There are many reasons individuals or families look at hiring a private caregiver.  There is no shame in asking for help.  In fact, in this modern day, we encourage people to identify their needs and take guidance and support.

Life is short, and there are many wonderful people who offer solutions to give stability and security, both physical and emotional.  No matter what age or your situation, these are the common private caregiver questions.

Below are real examples from our clients reflecting personal client requests.  (Ages/locations have been changed to protect confidentiality)

On My Own

“I’m a fit 78-year-old woman, I live on my own in a small village in the countryside with my friendly dog.  Although I don’t have any pressing medical conditions, running my own house and doing all the housework is getting tiring.  This is the first time I’m looking for a live in caregiver – can you advise?”

“I’m a 56-year-old man who is sadly going through a divorce.  Once the divorce finishes, I will be on my own for the first time in many years.  I have a number of severe medical issues, and my wife was the one who gave me the support and care I need. I need to find someone to ‘replace’ the support my wife gave me, perhaps a live in caregiver – is this possible?”

Two different scenarios, but both with similar demands and needs.  Both clients could hire a live in private caregiver.  With the first client, they may be better suited to hire a live in housekeeper/cook, but with the understanding that if health was to deteriorate they would be able to provide support.

In both client instances, companionship is key, so the right personality and match for the position are very important.

The second client’s situation will require a more qualified live in private carer, with a medical and nursing background in order to assist the gentleman with his health and mobility.  As both clients have animals, the live in private caregiver must love animals too, this is a consideration that many people would miss when hiring a private caregiver.

Medical Needs

“We are a family of three, and our amazing daughter has a number of severe medical issues.  She leads a normal life, but we have to regularly take her to the hospital and have private doctors monitor her.  It can be quite exhausting for my husband and I.  Would a private live in caregiver give us some additional support?”

“We are a family of four, and our second child was born with severe disabilities.  We are looking to find a private caregiver who has experience working with children to help give us support and also interact with the bigger sister.  What’s the best way to approach this?”

When clients need specific medical assistance from the private caregiver, it is important that the candidates selected are experienced and qualified.  Ideally, they should have specific background experience in caring for clients with those needs. For example, many nannies are trained in providing specialist care for disabled children, whilst other qualified nurses/private caregivers are experienced at working with children (but not necessarily a nanny).  These would be valuable candidates to consider for these clients when hiring a private caregiver.

Private caregivers should be understanding to the stresses and emotional difficulties that families might face, and provide emotional support as well as guidance, stability and physical support.

Private caregivers should be understanding to the stresses and emotional difficulties that families might face. Share on X

Recovery From Surgery

“My 64-year-old father-in-law is about to go into hospital for a heart by-pass operation.  The prognosis is excellent, but as I work full time I won’t be able to give him the support and care he needs during his recovery.  I was thinking of hiring a live in private caregiver to support him during his recovery and rehabilitation until he is back on his feet – can you help?”

“I’m due to have a C-section for my second child.  My family live abroad and once the baby is here, my husband and I are going to be rather busy. We’d love to find a private caregiver to help support me (in my recovery) and help around the house. What do you suggest?”

Hiring a private caregiver on a temporary basis is an excellent option for families who need extra support for a limited period of time.  They will be skilled in a range of areas, from specific medical needs through to housekeeping, cooking and running errands.

The private caregiver will have specific knowledge of the recovery period and what is the best treatments, and they may even have additional skills such as physiotherapy or massage.

Some families choose to hire a specific skilled baby private carer when recovering from a C-section, whilst others pick more general private caregivers.  They can live in for the duration of the booking if required, and you have complete flexibility for your specific needs.

Hiring a Private Caregiver?

Do you have any specific questions about hiring a private caregiver?  Whatever your situation is, we would be happy to offer free advice and guidance.  Why not give us a call or drop us a line and one our consultants will be in touch to chat through options.

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