Find & Hire the Perfect Carer for your Home

Carers play an important part in the home of the elderly, special needs or clients needing additional support or help following illness or surgery.  Without the care of an experienced carer, clients health could be at risk.  So to find an experienced carer is vital to ensuring the safety and health, and recovery (if required) for the specific needs.  Carers are found with a variety of skills and backgrounds, from just an extra pair of hands around the house to help with running errands and cooking through to specialist carers and qualified nurses.  We offer all types of carers from long term, part time and short term/temporary cover.

  • Full Time Carers
  • Part Time Carers
  • Temporary Carers
  • Specialist Carers including qualified nurses.


How P&T classify our Carer:

Entry Level Carer is a candidate with basic caring experience, be it in childcare or with the elderly or in rehabilitation.

Mid Level Carer is a candidate a wider caring experience and those have specialised in care for many years.

High level (Specialist) Carer is a candidate with specific skills, such as a qualified nurse.  These candidates will have clear qualifications.


Salary you would expect to pay:

Salary ranges entirely on the candidates qualification level.

Entry Level Carer will expect between £500-£820 gross per week or between £18-£25 gross per hour (if part time)

Mid Level Carer will expect between £820 – £1200 gross per week or between £25 – £35 gross per hour (if part time)

High Level Specialist Carer will expect upwards of £1200+ gross per week or upwards of £35+ gross per hour (if part time)


How we can help you find a carer:

  • A dedicated recruitment consultant will guide you in the process of finding and hiring a housekeeper, from start to finish. We are with you through the entire process of finding the right candidate to their first day on the job. We then stay in touch from time to time to ensure you are satisfied with your new housekeeper.
  • 24 hour telephone service, no matter what time zone or country you are in, you can always reach us.
  • Access to our reference and CRB checked candidates, who globally work for the most VIP and HNWI individuals and families.

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Polo & Tweed recognise that we all lead busy lives, and finding the right carer for your family can be a challenging and stressful time. We aim to take the stress away, and provide our clients with a friendly, personable and 24 hour service. No challenge is too great or too small. All our clients are treated as individuals and we pride ourselves in our customer service and unique approach to our recruitment.