Tips on How to Hire a Nanny in London

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Published on January 26, 2017

With a population of 8.6 million, London is a very busy city.  It’s also extremely affluent, and a melting pot of all nationalities, cultures and backgrounds move to this capital to work, live and raise a family.  The demand for nannies in London is at an all time high.  When looking for an agency to hire a nanny in London, it can be a little overwhelming. But don’t worry! Here are Polo & Tweed’s top tips on how to hire a Nanny in London.


Which Type of Nanny?

There are many different types of nanny on different salaries, with varied skills, all working and living in London. Depending on what type of nanny you need, such as live in or live out nannies, British nannies through to elite nannies, all good agencies for nanny hiring in London town will provide a big range of candidates.  Even if you decide to self recruit, make sure you consider what type of nanny you want to hire and then write a clear job specification.  This will help immensely during your selection process.


Vetting Procedures

Make sure you fully vet the nannies you are considering.  If you use a professional agency, they will do this job for you, so you can relax a little.  If you decide to self-hire a nanny in London, then make sure you complete a thorough vetting process.  This includes reference checking, DBS checks and making sure you’ve seen all their paperwork and certificates.

Even if you’re short on time, and need to hire a nanny in London very quickly, don’t compromise your family and children’s safety for the sake of a quick hire. You wouldn’t want to have to recruit again quickly due to an illegitimate nanny gracing your household.


Multiple Languages

As it’s a melting pot of culture, there will be nannies working in London of all backgrounds and culture.  There are many British nannies, but also nannies that speak French, Arabic and Mandarin too.  Your individual requirements are will affect the languages you need to search out.  When you approach an agency to hire a nanny in London for you, they will help you with these parameters, but if self-recruiting make your language requirements very clear to avoid having your time wasted with unsuitable applications.


Hire a Nanny in London with Many Skills

Do you need your nanny to drive?  Do they need to be able to ski? Ride a horse? Whatever your specific skill requirements, don’t assume that the candidates will possess a skill. You may be surprised how many nannies don’t hold a driving licence, but why would they need one in a City with such a good public transport system?

Always tell your recruitment agency what skills you need your nanny to possess, and leave it to them to find the candidates. Are you going to hire a nanny in London by yourself? Put these skill requirements at the top of your advertisement so no-one will miss them. The perfect nanny with your ideal skills is out there somewhere!

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Think About Salary

The salary you pay a nanny in London will affect the quality of the candidates you’re introduced to. Professional nannies are very well connected and understand how much they can expect to earn in London.

Expect to pay between £11 and £12 per hour for a typical nanny in London.  An agency will advise how to vary this according to the package you’re offering, such as whether they will be a live in or live out nanny.


Hiring a nanny shouldn’t be a daunting process. If you feel an experienced agency is how you’d like to hire a nanny in London, then Polo & Tweed would love to hear from you.


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