The 10 Most Unique Skills of an Elite Nanny

Elite Nanny

Published on November 28, 2016

Not every nanny is an elite nanny.

If you have experience either being or hiring a nanny, you’ll know that fact to be true. Becoming an elite nanny is a challenge, and you may not even realise when you’ve become one. The skills you’ll possess as an elite nanny are unique and desirable, and many families will hope that one day they will be able to have their children cared for by a nanny with these qualities.

Here are 10 of the most requested and unique skills of an elite nanny: how many do you have?


Elite nannies should be very flexible. This means they have an ability to adapt to changes of plan at a moment’s notice, and do it willingly, enthusiastically and with a smile.


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An elite nanny will have no problem in tying shoelaces, preparing breakfast and looking for lost toys all at once. In fact, they could do it with their eyes closed and their hands behind their back. It’s important for a nanny to possess excellent organisational skills, eyes like a hawk and always be one step ahead of their duties.


Elite nannies are infinitely knowledgeable. They will likely be educated to a high standard and have many commendable qualifications, as well as excellent references. The most common qualifications for an elite nanny include a degree, NNEB, Norland qualification, MNT or NVQ/ CACHE. No doubt they will be up to date with the latest practices to do with children, and some elite nannies will also be Montessori or Steiner school trained too.

Speaking an additional language is also an expected skill, as well as a plethora of childcare experience.



More so than almost any other skill, patience is what separates a normal nanny from an elite nanny. As an elite nanny, you will have patience that defies normal limits.

As elite nannies frequently work for the wealthiest, busiest and most demanding of families, they will often be on the receiving end of a changing environment. An elite nanny will be able to adjust to, and understand, these changes with patience and understanding.


An elite nanny does her job because she adores children. Not only will they have spent their lives studying children, but they will live and breathe this lifestyle whilst working as a nanny. An elite nanny is kind, loving, playful and positive, and is sensitive to the needs of every individual child.


Elite nannies tend to be fit, energetic and proactive. They could be strolling in the park today, yet hiking in the rugged hills of Crete tomorrow- with a pushchair.


Whilst the popular saying is that ‘an elephant never forgets’, the reality is that an elite nanny should never forget. An elite nanny will have an impeccable memory that can recall all 20 items a mother has requested to be placed in 5 different bags in an instant. “I forgot” just isn’t a phrased uttered in an elite nanny’s world.


Elite nannies should have a strong sense of adventure and spirit. They will love travelling and exploring different cultures and cuisines. You’ll often find an elite nanny jet-setting around the world with their family and making the most of new experiences and activities. The always changing environment will be a pleasure for an elite nanny to experience.


Elite nannies can sense when their family is going to need them and will usually be there before they ask. They have an almost psychic sense of awareness, and will always be there to support their family and their requests. 

Sense of Humour

With all the demands and changes an elite nanny will be managing, they should possess a great sense of humour to manage it all easily. They should be positive, appreciate small moments, not take things to heart and enjoy eating macaroons at the end of a long day!


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