Hotel Housekeeping Tips for Beautiful Flower Arrangements

Published on November 8, 2018

Floral touches make the best first impression! Click To TweetA good housekeeper should be able to provide your home or boutique hotel with a range of finishing touches including flower arrangements. Floristry is an art form and it takes a significant amount of time to train to be a florist but with some basic skills your housekeeper should be able to create flower arrangements for a number of different occasions. But sad, wilting, badly arranged flowers, send out all the wrong signals to your guests, investing in some basic training for your housekeeper will help avoid those situations.

Why are flowers important?

Flowers feature in so many different cultures around the world, a true celebration of nature, bringing the outside into the home. A flower arrangement provides interest and due to its transitioning nature can change and alter with the seasons.

Celebrations and festivals are often celebrated with flowers and foliage. Think weddings, birthdays, parties, celebrations of life and symbols of worship. A guest may bring a host a bouquet of flowers as a gift. At this point your housekeeper should be able to jump in and take over. Perhaps arranging the flowers in a vase for display or creating an arrangement for a side table or centre piece for dinner.

Poorly arranged flowers will give the impression that little care and attention has been paid to them. This will then put questions into your guest’s mind what else has been missed or not well done.

This is the same with flowers in dirty water or wilting flowers. It is important to lavish care and attention on flowers everyday, removing dead flowers, changing water, checking on them regularly.

Flowers are very short lived in comparison to people but as living things a guest or principle will equate the care shown to the flowers as being equal to the care shown to other living beings, themselves.

First Impressions Count

As any hotel or principle will agree first impressions count and a beautiful flower arrangement is a great finishing touch. Floral touches need not be expensive either if your housekeeper has been trained in some basic skills they can be created with a limited budget. If the hotel or residence has gardens a large proportion of the materials may be gathered from there and supplemented with bought in or specimen flowers.

The 3 Principle Styles of Flower Arrangement


Here anything goes, a very relax style where creativity is set free, this is the personal taste of the person arranging the flowers. There are no hard and fast rules, though typically arrangements tend to lean more toward an oriental style than the traditional or western style.


In this style the lines created by the items in the display are the focus.

Traditional Or Western

This is characterised by the use of lots and lots of flowers en mass to create impact and effect.


Basic Forms of Arrangement

Each of the above styles can translate into the typical basic forms of arrangement.

Bouquets, table centrepieces, floral baskets, floral wreaths, vases and pedestals.



If you fancy experimenting with creating a table decoration or are interested to see how easy and effective it can be Gardenista have a great tutorial provided by Sammy Go studio owner of Lambert Floral Studio San Francisco. An easy to follow tutorial with a beautiful and elegant flower arrangement at the end together with some great tips on choosing flowers can be found here.


Care of Arrangements

As a hotel or principle you may decide your housekeeper has plenty to do already and look to buy in floral arrangements. Or you may have a special occasion in mind such as a wedding where the design is extremely important and your housekeeper’s basic skills require supplementing. In this case your housekeeper should be trained in how to care for those arrangements so that they continue to be at their peak and optimum for as long as is possible. Good floristry is expensive but with the correct care and attention arrangements will last as long as possible.

Training a housekeeper in basic floral skills is a very efficient and economic investment. Beautiful flowers help create a lovely ambience. They provide changing interest in a room without the need to re decoration and can reflect the changing seasons, bringing the outside in. Taking the three basic styles of arrangement, combining them with the different forms and the myriad of materials provided by nature the possibilities are limit less. Creating a beautiful space to be in makes all the difference to guest satisfaction and those all important recommendations.

Impact of Flowers and Training

It’s important to note that a poor flower arrangement can have as much of a negative impact as a great one. Those who consider themselves to have had a poor experience are statistically more likely to talk about the experience more than those who have a great experience. Reputation is everything and ensuring your housekeepers have the necessary skills is paramount to avoiding a guest having a poor experience.

Polo & Tweed’s housekeeper training covers the basic skills every housekeeper should have to be able to create a basic arrangement. Also the necessary skills to continue to care for the arrangement or any bought in arrangements. Understanding those all important finishing touches and how to ensure a principle or guest has the best possible experience.

For further information relating to housekeeper training for private homes , yachts or boutique hotels, Polo & Tweed can provide tailor made training to meet your needs internationally. Call +44(0)203 858 0233 to speak to a training consultant or contact us here.


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