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Published on February 28, 2020

Looking for work as a housekeeper or just need some cleaning tips? Here are some floor cleaning equipment tips for housekeepers. Share on XAs a housekeeper, you have probably tried out all the available types of equipment for floor cleaning. Mops, brushes, brooms, steamers and such… The list of equipment options goes on. In each category there are various options, so where do we start?

Here’s our handy breakdown on the different types of floor cleaning equipment available, giving all Housekeepers a must read list of tips for Floor Cleaning Equipment!

Brushes and Brooms for Floor Cleaning

In the first of our Floor Cleaning Equipment Tips for Housekeepers, let’s start with the basics.

Firstly, brushes and brooms are used for similar tasks in housekeeping. A brush usually has a short handle and a broom a long handle.

However, both brushes and brooms are usually made up of bristles on one end and a handle on the other end. The handle is made of either wood or plastic in both brushes and brooms. The bristles may be made from synthetic fibres, horse hair, birch or coconut fibre.


There are a variety of different brooms available. Whether you choose a soft or hard broom can depend on the task at hand. Hard bristled brooms are great for sweeping patios and outside areas as they are hard wearing.

Soft brooms are a better choice for using inside, especially on more delicate flooring as they are less likely to scratch surfaces. A broom often has closer and more flexible bristles, so they are good for sweeping up smaller pieces of dirt.


Scrubbing brushes are similar to brooms but without the long handle. They vary with soft or hard bristles. Your choice of brush would depend on the task at hand. If you are scrubbing delicate surfaces that are likely to be scratched a soft scrubbing brush is a better choice.

Hard bristled scrubbing brushes can be very effective in removing dirt from hard surfaces.

Use smaller detailing brushes for more intricate tasks.  This type of brush looks similar to a toothbrush and can vary in size depending on the use. Detail brushes can be used for cleaning dishes and kitchen requirement and any other small, hard to reach areas.

Brushes and brooms are often used in the first instance to sweep and remove dirt before cleaning the surface or item. A dustpan and brush is a great example of a brush that can be used to pick up and remove dirt easily.

Dry Mops, Wet Mops and Disposable Mops for Floor Cleaning

Often the next step in floor cleaning, after you have used your broom or brush, is to mop. Mops come in a wide variety, from dry to wet to disposable mops.

Dry mops can be used on a dry surface to pick up dust and dirt missed by the broom or brush. They often consist of micro fibres that attract the dust so it actually sticks to the mop, ensuring that the dust is not just being moved around.

Furthermore, wet mops are useful for cleaning up any spills, marks or stains which may be on the floor. Any wet spills should be wiped up before using your broom or brush.

Wet mops come in all shapes and sizes – some with a bucket which you fill with water and a chosen cleaning agent, and some with a spray which you spray on the surface as you are mopping.

Disposable mops can be wet or dry mops and come with a single-use end, which would be discarded after use. These are handy as it means that you are not transferring dirt from previous uses. However, many people don’t like to use single-use items. The cleaning can be just as easily if you properly wash and dry the mops after each use.

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