The Charm of Hiring a Domestic Couple

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Published on January 4, 2016

The concept of a Domestic Couple is not always familiar.  However, there are widespread benefits and results hiring a domestic couple can provide to households and families around the world.  Perhaps you’ve already hired countless domestic couples and are looking for your next perfect couple, or maybe you are new to the concept.

This guide will help you look and select the right Domestic Couple for your property.

So what is a Domestic Couple?

The role of the domestic couple is a varied and exciting one.  Simply put, it is a couple who are extremely familiar with each other and have chosen to work together.  The couple will have generally spent many years together and work well as a team.  Great domestic couples are like gold dust, and will often stay for many years and long term contracts once they find the right employer.  They are as their title suggests, a couple who work together in a domestic environment.

Chef domestic coupleWhat type of skills do Domestic Couples have?

The skill domestic couples have vary from couple to couple, but they tend to be quite varied and flexible.  The nature of the role means that they have often had to learn additional skills in each new position.  A good domestic couple is one that is willing to learn and continually adjust to the principals needs. Typically one of the couple will be a strong housekeeper/cook  They may also have additional childcare/nanny skills and or have specific skills like pet care or horse care specialism.

The second half of the couple will generally be more focused on the external parts of the property, gardening, DIY skills, maintenance, chauffeuring skills.  They may also have additional service skills such a Butlering/Front of House.  Often the couple will cross over in areas of skills and the couple will support each other. For example if it is a large property which requires a large amount of housework.  Both couples may focus on the housework.  In other estates where there are large grounds, both side of the couple may be asked to focus more on land/horse maintenance.  It really depends on the property and the needs of the principals.

Couple in Love domestic coupleWhat makes Domestic Couples charming to hire over two individual domestic staff?

The nature of the domestic couple is that they (most of the time) share accommodation and act as one.  They will generally have a great relationship and will be able to work together.  Of course they may have the occasional falling out, but as they are in a relationship will be more likely to resolve it.  A good domestic couple will of course be extremely discreet if they have a falling out.  Unlike two individual staff who will generally look to the principal to help resolve any issues.

It’s one less thing for the principal or PA of the family to worry about, and life is all about reducing stress and managing staff more efficiently. Salaries can also reflect the fact that it is a couple.  The couple are happy as they get secure employment and know that they are working together and spending quality time together on their days off.  The other charming aspect is if the property is vacant for many months, it means that they can keep each other company.


Reference domestic coupleWhat should you look for when hiring a Domestic Couple?

The first rule of thumb is to be clear about what you need the couple to do.  This of course organic and can evolve, but being able to define the general skills you want each half of the couple to do will help you find the right fit.  If your role includes childcare of young children and the domestic couple have no experience of childcare, you may not feel it is a right fit for the security of your children.

At Polo & Tweed we ensure that all the candidates we send to interview have the correct background and reference checks.  But as the employer its very important you do these as well.  DBS and references should always be checked, ideally you should speak to the referee.  We all know what it’s like in interview situations and sometimes skills can be exaggerated.  It’s important to make sure that everyone is on the same page.


Country Estate domestic coupleTrial, Trial, Trial!

Once you’ve found the Domestic Couple you think would make a good fit then its vital you trial them.  This can be a few days or it could be a few months.  Either way, this trial will allow you to see if it’s a right fit, for both you and the couple.  A good domestic couple won’t be scared to do a trial as long as they are clear about the terms of agreement and know that there is a placement at the end of the trial if they perform well.

It gives you a good chance to see the couple in action and start as you mean to go on.  Remember you have to cover the couples time and any flights/accommodation should that be required.  Don’t expect the couple to be out of pocket just for an opportunity to trial for you, start as you mean to go on with fairness and generosity.



Contract domestic couple

Offer the right package

At P&T we can help advise what makes the right package to offer a Domestic Couple.  Sadly sometimes principals don’t have realistic requests when it comes to salary and packages offered.  If the salary is on the low side, make sure there are lots of additional perks such as a car, included food, nice accommodation.  The higher the salary the less ‘added bonuses’ you need to give the couple so make sure you think long and hard about the package you want to offer.

The right package will mean that the couple feel that they are well respected and will indeed stay for a long time in your position, which is ultimately what you want.  Make sure to provide a contract and take legal advice.  Less stress and more productivity in your staff!


Languages domestic coupleDo you think you’d make a good Domestic Couple?

Perhaps you are interested in becoming a domestic couple?  If that’s the case then take the time to think about why you want to go into this profession.  Although you get the chance to work in amazing locations for amazing principals, it is often an intense and labour intensive job.  Private service rewards are plentiful, but you must also work hard for the rewards!  You should be in a secure relationship and have methods to resolve conflict and stress.

If you speak additional languages you will be sought after, particularly if you speak French, so get out the language books and start brushing up on your language.  Remember you will be presenting yourself as a couple and you must both be strong contenders for the roles.  Take the time to asses how you each come across in interview, and how your CV/profile picture should be as professional and as polished as possible to get yourself the best opportunities.

The best domestic couples are gold dust.  They are highly sought after and often stay in long term positions.  It can be a highly lucrative career, and those hiring a domestic couple can reap the rewards of having a strong team work for them.  I always personally recommend a domestic couple if you can afford it.  It’s the ultimate team.  Why not drop us a line and let us know how we can help you find the perfect couple for your property.


  1. Karen smith says:

    Hello there
    This is general question, just wanted to know in regards to domestic couples is it likely that employers will take on ones that have children? I have one boy age 8 and my partner and I have been together for 5 years. My partner had owned his own roofing company for 20 years and I have had various hospitality and public commutation jobs as well as a degree in
    herbal medicine. Between us I think we have the skills to work as a couple and it’s something we would like to Persue but am not sure about having our child with us, does that affect getting a position? Thankyou In
    Advance if you can answer for me

    • mm LucyChallenger says:

      Dear Karen, Thank you for your question – its a good one! Having children is wonderful and does not affect your applications to domestic couple positions. Depending on the roles you apply to, each principal will have their own approach. Particularly if the role is live in, the accommodation would need to be suitable for the two plus child(ren) so this would be a factor. Also we’ve experienced in one case in the past a principal who had non child-friendly dogs at their home and thus couldn’t consider domestic couples with children. However in most cases, having a child or children won’t affect your applications, as long as you are upfront and clear on your CV at the time of application. I hope that helps. 🙂

  2. Sven says:

    Hello, we are a highly experienced domestic Couple thinking to provide holiday cover to other couples. Is there a market for such undertaking?

    • mm Gabriela Pacurar says:

      Thank you for getting in touch 🙂. We do offer temporary placements. You can register and apply for jobs through our website here. Have a great day!

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