Become an Executive Housekeeper Through Course and Certification Training


Published on September 3, 2018

Executive Housekeeping is an enriching next step in your domestic cleaning career! Click To TweetThere will always be a demand for certified executive housekeepers. For any boutique hotel or larger domestic estate, a hired executive housekeeper must be able to master multiple tasks over two distinct disciplines:

  1. Physical cleaning duties
  2. Team supervision

For anyone who has spent time performing both roles, the combination of the two can be a rewarding next step for your career, because it offers new challenges, a more enriching experience, and a favourable wage. In the UK, the average salary for an executive housekeeper is about 39,000 pounds, which is 1.3 times higher than the national median wage.

However, with all desirable careers comes competition.

It is important to distinguish yourself as the best possible candidate for the position, through specialised training and certification. Here we will look at what to focus on and the steps you can take to become an executive housekeeper.

Master Every Cleaning Skill  

You can improve your skills directly through housekeeping work; it is certainly recommended that you do have enough introductory housekeeping experience before considering an advanced position, but basic housekeeping jobs may not provide enough specialised training. Fortunately, courses do exist so that you can really train the right way, by learning proper cleaning techniques from coaches who’ve made their careers in the domestic housekeeping industry.

Look for courses which focus on specific cleaning techniques, including:

  • Room by room housekeeping
  • Special surface care (eg. crystal, silver, marble, brass)
  • Special stain care (eg. wine, blood, coffee)
  • Care of fine garments (eg. silk, wool, lace)
  • Care of fine art
  • Turndown service
  • Flower arranging
  • Dry cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Shoe polishing
  • Packing and unpacking

A housekeeping professional should be with you through every step of training to provide you with guidance, feedback, and encouragement as you work to perfect your craft.

Complete Hospitality Management Courses

Establishing supervisory credentials simply through work experience can be more difficult, unless you’ve spent years slowly working your way up. That would certainly be advantageous to you, particularly if the job was specific to housekeeping.

Although executive housekeeping management certification is generally not required for obtaining the position, your completion of a hospitality management programme will give you the required understanding of what the position entails. To be an effective executive housekeeper, you must combine your mastery of specialised cleaning with the ability to:

  • Manage employee schedules and coordinate tasks
  • Train staff
  • Monitor the progress of daily tasks
  • Manage employee personalities (either by understanding your staff’s particular strong points and weaknesses or by disciplining an underperforming worker)
  • Purchase cleaning supplies
  • Handle payroll
  • Communicate effectively with the homeowner

Take advantage of every opportunity you can find to develop these skills before seriously seeking an executive position. After you’ve completed a certified hospitality management programme, that credential will shine brightly on your resume and will move you into almost any final candidate consideration.

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