8 Most Requested Skills of a Super Nanny

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Published on January 2, 2016

Hiring a Super Nanny is the ultimate goal for a family with a nanny, and it’s a title that may be bestowed upon a nanny for a number of reasons. They will usually be bilingual, and have advanced skills such as horse riding or teaching qualifications that children can benefit from.

A Super Nanny encompasses everything a family could need to give them the greatest level of support possible.

With this in mind, what are the 8 most requested skills when a client wants to hire a Super Nanny?

1. Languages

A Super Nanny will almost certainly speak more than one language. Click To Tweet

If a Nanny only speaks English then they should speak it perfectly and to a native level. Clients want to hire a Super Nanny who speaks another language – usually because they want their child to learn that language too. By having a command of multiple languages, the Nanny can communicate perfectly with both the children and parents as well as helping the child to learn a new language.

2. Career History

The Super Nanny will not jump from one short term role to another, unless they are specifically temporary positions.  Instead they will demonstrate complete commitment to long positions with only a handful of families.  

One Nanny we saw recently had held a position for over 12 years with one family.  This shows dedication to a position and the ability to fully blend with the family and grow with their needs.

3. Education

When hiring a Super Nanny, families may look for someone who holds specific qualifications to demonstrate their childcare experience and knowledge.  Examples of further certifications may include advanced child psychology, child development courses, Norland Nanny training qualifications and continuing education.  

A Nanny will likely be highly educated to degree level, or even Masters or PHD.  This focus, education and commitment shows the family that the very highest level of nanny is working for their children.

4. Age

A Super Nanny doesn’t have a pre-determined age.  Each family is different as to their personal approach when hiring a Super Nanny.

A family might have preference on age for a number of reasons, including lifestyle, age of the children, desire for previous experiences and the age of the parents themselves.

5. Flexibility

The Super Nanny’s ability to be flexible is key to being awarded this title.  One Nanny told us about how she had booked a holiday, and then due to illness within the family had decided to cancel it so she could support the family.  

This flexibility to help the family was well rewarded and appreciated by the family in question.  This flexibility and understanding that life can sometimes change, turns a Nanny into a Super Nanny.

6. Sport Skills

Some families have specific qualities that they are looking for in their super nanny.  For example, a family might own a chalet and ski regularly, therefore the ability to ski would be very important. 

Likewise if the family often takes holidays on a yacht, swimming would be required without question.  Perhaps the children own horses and regularly ride – the Nanny would need to be confident with horses.

Again, each family will identify these special skills from their own needs, and the ideal Nanny will tick that box with their experiences.

7. Teaching

A Super Nanny may well hold a formal teaching qualification.  They may have previously worked as a teacher, and have transitioned into domestic roles.  This will mean they are highly qualified at teaching and tutoring, and will give them additional Governess/ Governor skills for the children.  

Super Nannies who can teach are often in demand with older children who need additional support with their homework and intellectual development.

8. Network

A Super Nanny will most likely have an established network in the area they work in.  This means they will have links with schools, clubs and activities in the area.  

This skill can help families new to an area settle in easily, and find connections with the best schools, or best social network for mothers and fathers.


Hiring a Super Nanny is an exciting, yet sometimes daunting, process for any family. Regardless of how you decide to recruit, if you need help at any stage, we’d love to hear from you. 

You can contact us to start your search for your next Super Nanny here.


  1. Suzanne says:

    Hi, I am currently a primary school teacher. I am interested in becoming a suoernanny.
    Do you offer courses/ training to become a supernanny?
    Thanking you in advance,

    • mm Aafke Meelen says:

      Hi Suzanne, that sounds like such an exciting plan! We do not offer Supernanny training courses at the moment (watch this space!) but we do highly recommend Babyem for their childcare courses.

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