Housekeeping – What Are The Trends?

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Published on January 28, 2019

The housekeeping industry is ever-evolving. To stay on top of client and guest satisfaction, it is vital that any hotel, private home or venue changes with the times - ensuring that their housekeeping staff are at the highest… Click To Tweet

You may think that to become efficient is easy, however more and more, we are noticing the trend towards failure, and the clients seeking new ways to inspire and evolve their housekeeping staff.

So when it comes to Housekeeping – what are the trends?

Establishing Daily Priorities

First, in Housekeeping trends, let’s look at priorities.

Always establish the tasks and expectations of your housekeepers. This can be as simple as knowing when a guest departs. Or when a family returns home. Either way, having this timeline at your fingers tips, will allow you in turn to establish these daily, weekly, and monthly priorities.

Work with your existing housekeeper(s) to establish a system that works best for them, remember not everyone communicates or indeed learns in the same way – so using exciting new techniques and tools can help connect with your team, and ensure that they meet your requirements.

Ensure that the priorities are achievable. It is a quick route to failure if the tasks set are not obtainable. Ensure that you step into the shoes of your own staff from time to time, as this will allow for better time management and scheduling. Ultimately the more your team of housekeepers can prepare for the unexpected, the more you’ll be able to establish daily priorities and stick to them.

Staff Preparation

Second in housekeeping trends is staff preparation. This is key. However, it can often be forgotten, or become a task that is easily handed to one person to the next. With no one taking responsibility. From ensuring that inventories are full, with no products or supplies missing. Through to spare uniforms on hand in case of any accidents. You should always be thinking ahead. Your staff should equally take their own responsibility (and pride) in the area. As this will help you all achieve your goals.

Plan according to your unique situations. For example, carpets will need different spot treatments than wooden floors. An unruly guest causing damage to a room will take longer to fix. Prepare for everything and define your expectations with your housekeeper(s).

Better Training

Finally, in housekeeping trends is training. Your team can improve. Regardless of the standards, you are meeting, from a solo housekeeper through to a large hotel team. There is always room for more efficiency, improved productivity, and happier staff!  It may be that your housekeepers just need to bond. Or you might have more serious issues to deal with. Regardless of your unique situation, consider investing regularly in training.  This training can be a team-building day, through to problem-solving. The staff will appreciate you’ve invested in their development.

Do you now know what the trends are in housekeeping? If you are looking at training, this can be devised entirely around your needs. Polo & Tweed are specialist training providers and we are recognised as the world’s leading training company for housekeepers. Regardless of the size of your household, hotel, or venue, we can assist. Get in touch today for us to discuss your needs and see how we can help you.


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