Will You Enjoy A Gardening Job?

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Published on January 22, 2021

Are you looking to become a gardener? Then it is essential for you to find it if you will enjoy a gardening job. Whether you have some experience in the area already. Or if you are completely new to the industry. Keep reading to find out if you will enjoy a gardening job!

Physical Work

A first thing you need to really think about when you are considering whether you will enjoy a gardening job is to make sure you are up for physical work.

It is not just something you need to be able to do, you need to enjoy it too. Some people love working out and being active. But doing that does not necessarily mean that you will enjoy physically active work for, say, 8 hours per day!

You need to enjoy not sitting in an office, and being active outdoors. Pretty much all tasks you will do as a gardener are physically active. From heaving things such as wood chopping, fence building and path laying. To just physically straining things such as planting and weeding.

To be able to enjoy this kind of work, you also need to be physically fit enough for your body to handle this. That does not mean you have to be superfit or a weightlifting champion! But you need to be fit enough to be on your feet all day, lifting things and moving heavy items around. So to keep yourself in a good shape to keep up with the physical work is important. Because as a gardener, if you get injuries chances are it might directly affect your ability to work!

Being Outdoors

Do you enjoy being outdoors? This may seem straightforward, but if you want to become a gardener, this is of crucial importance! So to find out whether you will enjoy a gardening job, have a think about this first. Being a gardener might seem like a lovely job when it is sunny and dry, and you can be outdoors in the warm weather all day. But gardening is not a seasonal job. You will be doing this job whatever season, whatever weather.

So that is something you definitely need to be ok with. Of course, probably most people, including gardeners, prefer a warmer, dry day over rainy, icy, windy weather. But it depends on your attitude towards it. Do you know from yourself that you do not mind getting stuck in even when it is raining? That you’d still happily go outside in the middle of a snowstorm?

These seem like extreme examples, perhaps. But they can be a reality for the life as a gardener! So just make sure you are in the right mindset when it comes to being, and working outdoors. Whatever season.

An Interest In Gardening

Perhaps a very obvious final thing to address, but nevertheless not less important. Do you have an interest in gardening, in plants, flowers, how things grow? You might know nothing about it and are considering all different types of career options, including gardening.

And of course, you do not have to have an absolute passion for it, to become a good gardener. But if you want to enjoy your work, and become more successful, an interest in gardening will be crucial for you to thrive.

Any job will be a hardship if you do not have any interest at all. Of course, you can do your qualifications. Get some experience. And make money being a gardener. But will you have a long career? Probably not! So if you have no idea about gardening – can you start yourself. If you have an outside space, spend some time caring for some plants, or doing a bit of landscaping. If you do not have an outside space you can even plant some herbs indoors, for example!

Doing a training course or qualification is also a great way of finding out whether you will enjoy a gardening job. The more you learn, the better you get at it, perhaps the more you will enjoy it too! Because in order to be happy in your job, you do need to enjoy at least some of the work!

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

Are you more clear on whether you will enjoy a gardening job? Let’s get you started then! We have great gardening jobs with clients all over the world so we can find the best match for you. Our Polo & Tweed recruitment consultants are here to help you from your first application, all the way through to job offer stage. Why not apply to register here today, and we look forward to finding your new dream gardener job!

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