Why You Should Consider A Female Chauffeur

female chauffeur

Published on May 6, 2021

Do you know why you should consider a female chauffeur? Although you might be used to seeing mostly men take on chauffeuring roles, this doesn’t have to be the case. Private household staff has changed a lot over the years. And the domestic staff industry has been adapting to modern-day requirements. The more old fashioned gender stereotype of, for instance, a chauffeur needing to be a man, is no longer true. Female chauffeurs are becoming increasingly popular, and are as competent as their male counterparts. These ladies can come with an array of other qualities. Why you should consider hiring a female chauffeur? Have a look at the reasons listed below and decide for yourself.

Why You Should Consider A Female Chauffeur

Let’s start by turning this question around. Why should you not hire a female chauffeur? We have come a long way since gender stereotypes influenced what a profession should and should not look like. The domestic staff industry, party because of its portrayal on television and other media, suffers from lots of stereotypical casting. It will be quite rare to see a female butler on a tv show, for example. Just as it would be rare to see a female chauffeur appear in a film.

This does subconsciously make people think that there might not be that many female chauffeurs out there. Or perhaps not enough qualified, suited female candidates. However, the domestic staff world nowadays is (luckily) very different from what is portrayed in the latest blockbusters. There are many excellent, qualified and experienced female chauffeurs available. And more and more women are choosing the chauffeur profession too.

So when it comes to hiring a chauffeur, you should really just judge it on skills and experience. But there might be instances where you need to specifically hire a female chauffeur. As the below will explain further.

Female-only Households

There might be a very simple and clear cut reason why you should consider a female chauffeur. You might be running an all-female household. This simply means that all the members of staff need to be female. This could be for religious or cultural reasons. The Principals you, as a chauffeur or other member of staff, would be working for, tend to also either be female or children. A female chauffeur fits perfectly here. There are, as mentioned above, many excellent and competent female chauffeurs that can be found. With all different types of experiences and backgrounds. Who are trained to perform the tasks traditionally that might have traditionally been reserved for men.

But even though there might still be fewer female chauffeurs out there, in comparison to men. There definitely is no lack of skill, professionalism or experience in the female chauffeur category. Which makes them an excellent choice for female-only households. It can also give comfort knowing there will be a good selection of competent and qualified female chauffeurs you would be able to choose from, too!

Childcare knowledge

If you have a household with children, and the chauffeur will be driving around the kids. Then a female chauffeur can bring that extra edge you’re looking for. With backgrounds and qualifications in childcare, these versatile women will understand the needs of (new) families. They can advise and assist on the most suited childcare. And can catch potential issues early on. They understand you will only want the best for your child and with their knowledge of children and families, they will always be one step ahead giving you peace of mind that everything is under control.

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

So there you have it. All the reasons why you should consider a female chauffeur. Because sometimes, you just need that female touch. If you’re interested in hiring a female chauffeur or you have any questions, get in touch. Please feel free to reach out to one of our consultants. We are here to help!

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