Why Take Housekeeping Training?

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Published on February 13, 2023

Doing a training course is always a very wise and valuable investment for your CV and your career. Whether you are already in a job that you love, you want to get that little bit higher up form the position you have now, or if you are looking for a complete change of career, Housekeeping training will be worth the money.

And don’t be put off by the idea that Housekeeping training would take months, or will be completely unaffordable. There are training courses that will only last a weekend or a couple of days, so you could plan them over your days off so you would miss any time off work!

Good housekeeping training will be suitable for you to go work in all types of private households, from family homes to large estates and palaces. It will also give you excellent knowledge if you want to work in the hotel industry.

So what should you look for in housekeeping training?

What to look for in Housekeeping training

When looking for a training provider, be critical and ask them lots of questions. They should be able to tell you about the modules they will be teaching you, the venues, and the trainers they have. Also ask how many people would be in a group. It makes quite the difference if you are in a small group with lots of attention from the trainer, or in a large conference hall where you would not even have the chance to speak to the trainer once.

You can talk for hours, and days about the techniques of removing stains, how to organise a specific room or how to pack and unpack a suitcase. But up until you have actually done it, you will have no idea what it actually is like! A good housekeeping course will have a lot of practical elements. You should be expected to get stuck in and learn as you do. When you will have to do this for your new job, you can confidently say you have done it before and you use tried and tested methods.

Who should do Housekeeping training?

Looking to become a Housekeeper

It does not matter what career or background you come from. You will have decided you want to become a housekeeper, or at least discover if you would like and enjoy it. Doing a housekeeping training course is perfect. Not only will it take you through absolutely all aspects of housekeeping, but you will also learn all the invaluable skills to become a good housekeeper. Doing a course will also give you a very good idea of what it would be like to do this job.

Would you enjoy it? Do you think you can do it? Being a housekeeper can be a physically demanding role and sometimes you do not realise it until you actually do it. So having a couple of days of training will definitely tell you. Finally, as you start applying for housekeeping jobs it would look great on your CV that you have done a training course. It gives your future employer confidence that you have a certain level of skill set. Also shows you are passionate about this career and willing to invest in it.

Already working as a Housekeeper

You might have been working as a housekeeper for a long time, and are looking to update your skills. Sometimes, especially when working for one household or the same family, you get into a certain routine. If you start working for someone else, or the family change house, get new furniture, etc, they might require new or different things. Perhaps they have materials or equipment you are unfamiliar with. Doing a training course will keep you up to date on your skills and could give you a newfound motivation and passion for the role!

Another option, by doing the training, is that your job has the potential to move up to a Head Housekeeping role. After a course, you might feel much more confident to teach new or other staff members in the household and this could become part of your job! Finally, if you are looking to find a new role that might have more responsibilities or might be higher up, a training course again shows commitment and skillset.

Not a housekeeper? – Still do the training!

Even non-housekeepers can find enormous value in doing a housekeeping course. Anyone who works in hotels or private households or resorts of any kind will benefit significantly from understanding all the different facets of housekeeping, and how everything needs to be done. There is so much more to it than just cleaning a space! You could be a butler, a nanny, a house manager or a PA. Working with, alongside or managing housekeepers. It is vital to know what the standards should be, and how things should be executed. You can guide and show the people who are working in the housekeeping department. And there might also be the odd occasion when a housekeeper is ill, and you will have to step in. If you have done your training, there will be no surprises for you. You will be able to step in and keep everything running smoothly.

At Polo & Tweed we run regular Housekeeping training courses, as well as training in situ, open to all backgrounds, skills and abilities. Why not get in touch here to find out more and get yourself booked in?



  1. Lilian Nze says:

    Dear Polo and Tweed,

    My name is Lilian. I am currently working as a nanny and would now like to train to become a house keeper.
    Please kindly let me how l can register for your next training course and if you also do work experience placements.

    Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

    • mm Gabriela Pacurar says:

      Thank you for getting in touch 🙂 One of our consultants will be in touch via email. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about our services you can find more information on our website here. Have a great day!

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