Why Reference Checking Your Gardener is Crucial


Published on December 17, 2020

Do you know why reference checking your gardener is crucial? If you are looking to hire a new gardener, you have to go through the whole recruitment process. Which can be lengthy and time-consuming. But to make sure you are finding the right person for your household, it is crucial not to miss any steps. Reference checking is one of the most important parts of recruitment, but it often gets forgotten.

Find out here why reference checking your new gardener is crucial before you make a job offer.

What Are References

Let’s start by having a look at what references are, to understand why they are a key and crucial part of your hiring process. References are often written letters or notes from a previous employer. They will state when and how long the person worked for them, and what their role was. Often you will find more information on a reference, with information on how the person’s quality of work was, for example. Sometimes references are used even more extensively. Where previous employers share positive memories of the person working or them, their skills and what they added to the job.

The fact of the matter is, that references can vary extremely from one job to the other. The absolute minimum you can expect from a reference is confirmation fo employment, and dates. But often, especially in domestic staff type roles, you can find references that re more intensive than that. Also please note that often, a candidate does not provide a reference letter. But simply contact details of previous employers who have agreed on providing a reference. In all cases, the reference should be checked and followed up.

Why Are Referenced Important

When you are looking to hire a new gardener, checking references is a key part of the recruitment process. Of course, you will be looking at the gardener’s CV. You should interview them and perhaps book in a trial with them as well so you can meet them and see their level of work too.

But somewhere in that process, you should be asking for references. Some candidates will already have included references or contact details for references on their CV or application form. But most of the times you will actively have to ask for your potential new gardener to provide these for you.

Checking references is extremely important because it will give you an insight into how your gardener’s previous jobs were. Were they doing any similar tasks to the ones you are looking for? Were there any issues with their employment or work? Checking references can give you a unique insight into what the candidate is like, and how well they might or might not fit in with you.

Also, unfortunately, it does happen that some candidates fake references. Did they really work at a certain job for so many years? And did they indeed hold the exact position they are describing? By checking references you can find out if the candidate is indeed who they claim to be. And if they indeed have all the relevant experience!

Reading A Reference Letter Is Not Enough

Your gardener candidates might provide great looking letters from previous employers. But just reading these is not thorough enough, unfortunately. As mentioned above, there will be people out there who fake CV’s, experience as well as references. So it is crucial that you actually speak to the references and old employers to verify the details.

If you cannot find direct contact details, ask the candidate. If they got a written reference letter, they should have contact details. However, if you cannot get to speak to someone over the phone then email is a valid option. But where possible, even a brief phone conversation can clarify everything you need to know.

How can Polo & Tweed help?

Are you confident you are able to successfully hire a new gardener for your household now? Or would you like some help? Polo & Tweed is here for you! We have many years of experience in the domestic staff industry, and have worked with, and placed, many gardeners in new jobs. Our dedicated team of recruitment consultants apply a rigorous registration process to any candidates registered with us – including reference checking! So if you are looking for a new gardener, let us do all the hard work for you. Why not contact us now to see how we can help!

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