Why Online Silver Service Training Actually Works

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Published on April 27, 2021

If you are looking to invest in a Silver Service training course? You should consider an online silver service training course! It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking at silver service training. As it’s known to be very hands-on. A good silver service training course will teach you lots of practical skills. So it is fair to wonder how that would translate into online training. And how much you would actually learn, and how! You might be surprised to hear that online silver service training actually works. Because of intelligently made training courses and clever usage of modern training platforms. This way, you will learn just as much as in-person silver service training!

What Is Online Silver Service Training?

To understand why online silver service training actually works, let’s first look at what it actually means. Online silver service training is an online, e-learning way of doing your face-to-face training course. This means that the modules you would normally do in an in-person setup would be available for you to follow online. You can do this practically anywhere, as you can access the internet.

In online silver service training courses, expect to find all the modules you would normally expect from silver service training. Just because it is now online, does not mean the content has changed. So to take the course, you would work your way independently through the modules. There might be text to read, videos to watch. And, very importantly for silver service training –  you will learn practical skills. By watching video tutorials, and practicing yourself, too.

Online training will also have assignments throughout, or at the end of the training. This is simply for you. As it’s a great way to understand for yourself how well you are understanding and taking in the course material. In most online courses you will find that trainers will give you feedback on assignments you will complete. You will then also get a certificate upon passing the course. Which looks great on your CV!

Online Silver Service Training – The Benefits

You might be hesitant to consider an online version of silver service training. However, there are plenty of benefits to an online butler training course, that you might not be aware of.

Anywhere in the world

A first main benefit is the fact that online training is completely location-independent. Online training means you can access any course, from anywhere in the world. This stops you from having to travel for a training course. Sometimes travel is not a possibility. But with online training, you can still obtain a qualification of an academy you never thought you would be able to attend. All from the comfort of your own home! It can really open up opportunities for you, from a training and career point of view.

Control the timeframe

Another reason why online silver service training actually works is that you control the timeframe of the course. You can decide when you do a course, and how long per day, or per week you spend on it. A great solution, especially if you are limited on time. When you do an in-person training course, you will have to stick to the days and times set by the course. Normally, this is at least several days in a row. This means you might have to take time off work or sort your family life.

But not with online silver service training! You decide when you buy and thus start the course. You are not limited by set course dates or times. Because you decide to start when you have the time for it. This means you can be in complete control of when you want to start your course. And make it work in your busy schedule.

Financially more affordable

In general, online e-learning courses will be cheaper than in-person courses. So the full investment you’d make in the course will likely save you money. But there could be other savings, too. . You will not have to travel to the training venue. You would save money on overnight stays, too. As well as all those little things that can really add up. Dinners on training days, that coffee in the train, breakfasts out. None of which you have to spend money on when you are doing your training from home!

Why Online Silver Service Training Actually Works

Online training courses have come a long way. Modern-day technology has gotten much better. Much to the benefit of online training courses! Now you will be able to access all the learning material in a very easy and clear way. An online training course does not just have to consist of long paragraphs of text for you to read.

This is where online training really makes a difference now. With clear videos as part of the online training courses, you can learn about all the practical skills you need to know as a butler. And interactive assessments will enable you to showcase your newfound skills, over audio or video, and for the trainers to give feedback. This way you will learn in a similar way to in-person training. You can develop and practise your practical skills too. And get feedback, and improve accordingly!

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

Do you see now how and why online silver service training actually works? If you are ready to start your online training journey, Polo & Tweed is here for you! We are world-leading training providers to students all over the world, with an online academy for all the courses too – including Silver Service training! Our outstanding trainers have dedicated their years of experience and skill to the students.

If you want to find out a little bit more,  why not contact us here now and we look forward to speaking to you!

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