Why a Housekeeper is an Investment in your Health


Published on March 7, 2020

Have you considered investing in a Housekeeper before? But are you not sure if it will be a worthy investment, or money well spent? You might not realise all the benefits a housekeeper can give you! The right housekeeper can make a tremendous difference in your and your family’s health. Simply put, having a housekeeper is a direct investment in your health.

So how can having a housekeeper make a difference and impact on your health?

Bacteria and hygiene

Firstly, let’s look at the most straight forward reason why a housekeeper will have a direct impact on your health. Do you know how clean your house is? Not surface, stain removing clean, but really, deeply clean. And do you realise the germs there might be spread in the house. Think about door handles, everything that gets touched regularly. Children or pets bringing in germs from outside. A sneeze not caught in a tissue – with germs landing in the house. Dirty towels passing germs to the next person to dry their hands on them. Mobile phones and devices. The list goes on and on. 

To summarise, there are a lot of bacteria and germs in the house without you probably realising. Having some anti bacterial wipes is really not enough. It requires a professional to really stay on top of things.

A housekeeper will make a schedule for weekly/daily cleaning, as well as deep cleaning. This way the housekeeper ensures every surface and area will get a deep clean when it needs to. Your house will be filled with clean surfaces, fresh air and sparkly corners everywhere. Giving germs a very slim chance to catch and develop – making sure your family stays away from any bugs and in good health.

Food and shopping

Secondly, a housekeeper will be great in making sure the house is filled with fresh fruit and vegetables – instead of lots of unhealthy snacks. If you struggle to stick to a healthy lifestyle, chances are you don’t need a professional dietician. Just invest that money in a great housekeeper instead. Your housekeeper can do the shopping. And many housekeepers also do food prep or cook complete meals.

Imagine sitting at the breakfast table in the morning with a healthy, wholesome meal being served to you by your housekeeper. Healthy snacks in the fridge for when you feel peckish. And a great, nutritious meal prepared for you in the evening. Having a housekeeper doing all these things takes the thinking work out of it for you. Becoming more healthy will never be easier! Again, a great example about how a housekeeper is a direct investment in your health and wellbeing.

Stress and time management

Do you lead a very busy, stressful lifestyle? And do you always feel like you are catching up with things? Forgetting tasks? Not getting any time to spend with the family because life gets in the way? To summarise, there are too many things to do with too little hours in the day. Stress can have a severe impact on your health and wellbeing, as well as that of your family. It can be difficult to find help by overcoming stress and anxiety. But what can help, is giving you a feeling of organisation, and one less thing to worry about. It is important to make that investment in your health for you and your family.

This is exactly what a housekeeper will do. The housekeeper takes your worries about about having to run the day to day of the household. Food shopping? They can do it. Help getting the kids to school? This can be part of their job description. Imagine stepping into a perfectly made bed in the evening with crips, clean sheets. And having more time to go on a day trip with the children. Because the housekeeper is sorting all the deliveries and errands for that day. It will give you an enormous sense of wellbeing.

Giving you more headspace, feeling more calm in your house. And knowing you have more time to do the things that you love with the people you love. A great housekeeper will give you all of that and more. Therefore, this is why having a housekeeper will be a direct investment in your health. And really something to consider when you want to increase your health or wellbeing.

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

 Are you ready to invest in your health? Find out how you can find a housekeeper that will directly match your needs and requirements. At Polo & Tweed we work with clients all over the world, matching them with our top of the range housekeepers. Get in touch now to speak to one of our recruiters – and make that first step towards a healthier, happier you.

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