When To Start Looking For A New Gardener


Published on April 7, 2021

Do you currently have a gardener working for you? There could be several reasons to hire, or to start looking for a new gardener. One of those could simply be because the work is too much for one person. But another could be because the gardener is simply not suited for the role. Or perhaps the job has changed. Let’s look in more detail about why and when to start looking for a new gardener.

You Need A Second Gardener

Sometimes the answer to an issue is very straight forward. You know when to start looking for a new gardener when the work becomes too much for the present gardener. This is something your current gardener can tell you. But you also need to look out for warning signs.

Is the work indeed too much for one person? Or is your current gardener not functioning well? Is your current gardener fit and healthy to do the work? You do not need to be a bodybuilder to be a good gardener. But having lots of physical issues, aches and pains will be challenging in a physically demanding job. So that is definitely one issue to focus on. Is your gardener up for the job? Are they able to keep up with tasks they should be able to finish on their own?

So before you start looking for a new, or second gardener in this case. Make sure the issues are clear. And they would indeed be solved by having a second gardener come to help out. There can be clear indications a second gardener is needed. Especially when there is lots of landscaping and heavy lifting. That might simply just be easier done with two people Who can do all of that more quickly, and more effectively.

Your Current Gardener is Not Suited

Another reason why you might need to start looking for a new gardener is if your current gardener is simply not suited for the job or your household. Again, there can be a multitude of reasons for this. If you feel like your gardener is not suited, make sure you have a clear understanding of the issues you find are occurring.

It can help to make a list of the things you are unhappy with over the course of several weeks. Then, take the time to sit down with your gardener to have an open and honest conversation. Share your concerns, but make sure you give the gardener the opportunity to explain too.

They might not have been aware at all of the fact you were unhappy with their work. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding of the tasks that needed doing. Or the way they should be conducted. Or maybe the gardener is struggling on their own or is not happy in the job.

By having this conversation, you allow things to be cleared up. Perhaps clearer expectations simply needed to be set. Or other changes need to be made. And it can still be the case that your gardener is simply not suited for the role. Give them a chance to improve first, after your initial conversation. If after a longer period of time, and more conversations, things are still not going right. Then it indeed might be the time when you start looking for a new gardener.

The Job Has Changed

Another reason when to start looking for a new gardener is when the actual gardening job has changed. This can be something as simple as a relocation. If you have moved house, you cannot simply assume your gardener can relocate with you. Even if it might not be that much further away for them to travel.

But the actual job could have changed as well. Did the job start as a massive gardening redevelopment? Then maybe, when all the soft and hardscaping work is done, your current gardener might not be suited anymore. You might just need someone for maintenance, rather than building works. Or perhaps you are really focusing on creating fruit and vegetable plots in your garden. You might want to consider a gardener who really specialised in that.

There can be so many more examples of this. As your interest and passions develop and change, so may your outside space and what you want to get out of it. So it might be time to start looking for a new gardener when the current one no longer is specialised in what you are looking for.

How can Polo & Tweed help?

Do you now know when to start looking for a new gardener?  If you want to find a great new gardener for your household, Polo & Tweed can help? We work with excellent gardeners all over the world, all with different backgrounds and specialisms. Meaning we will be able to find a gardener suited exactly to your requirements. Why not get in touch by sending us a message and we can get the process started for you.

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