What To Look For When Hiring A Chauffeur

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Published on April 30, 2021

Do you know what to look for when hiring a chauffeur? Hiring a chauffeur can be an excellent choice and be of great help for you and your household. But is it important to know exactly what you need, and are looking for. You will get the best result if you search for your new chauffeur is specific and focused. Therefore it is important to know what works, and what you need. But also what to look for. It will make the interviewing process a lot easier. And you can make a better decision, too.

Understand The Tasks

First things first. What you need to look for when hiring a chauffeur, is clarity on the tasks. Make sure you get an understanding of what the exact job tasks are. Take a moment to understand clearly or yourself what the exact job actually is. What are the exact tasks you need a chauffeur to do? Chauffeuring is so much more than simply driving. Will they be working with the whole family? Driving your children? With other chauffeurs? Will they be managing and maintaining the vehicles too? Work in one city only, the whole country, or even overseas? You might not realise how niche the chauffeur role is you are looking for. Until you break it down like this.

So to know what to look for when you are speaking to chauffeur candidates, it is important that you understand the job yourself. It is worth it to make a list of all tasks you would need your chauffeur to do. All the different members of the household they would be working with and for, too. You’d be surprised how much detail will be on there.

Suited Experience and Previous Roles

A first important thing to look for when hiring a chauffeur is to make sure that their previous roles match. They do not have to have had the exact same previous role. That will probably be pretty impossible, as each job and household is unique. But a similar suited experience is important. And this will be easier, once you have done the above – in detail understanding your job role.  Use the list of tasks to match the previous experience you can see on chauffeur CVs. That can be something specific as mentioned above. Experience working with children, for example. As not every chauffeur will have done that!

Never assume

Another very important thing in the recruitment process is to never assume. Even though someone might not seem suited straight away, do find out why they applied for the job. They might have had previous experience that was a lot more relevant than you thought at first. Perhaps this person is specifically looking for a change of settings.

So if someone has had opposite types of jobs, it is not necessarily a reason not to invite them for an interview. It is just an important question to raise, and find out more.

What about no experience at all?

Something that is more challenging, and more difficult to overcome, is if someone with no previous chauffeuring experience at all. Naturally, everyone needs to start somewhere. But what can they bring to your job? Is there another chauffeur they can be an apprentice to? In chauffeuring jobs, this is quite rare. Maybe you might have the time and skill to teach them? Do they at least have experience in taxi driving or similar work? It can be really rewarding hiring a junior chauffeur, but you need to have the setup for it, and it certainly is not for everyone.

Practical Factors

There are several practical factors you want to keep in mind when hiring a new chauffeur. Of course, you want someone with the right experience, and personality that you feel matches. But don’t disregard the practicalities that can really make or break a successful job placement.


Location is one of those practical things you want to consider. And this ties together with working hours. If your chauffeur will start early mornings, and work late at night. Then it is practical for them to live within easy and short traveling distance to your property. Of course, it can be personal too. Some people simply do not mind a commute of an hour to work. But practically, does it work if someone has to travel much longer than that to your job? What about if you need your chauffeur last minute – will they be able to get to you on time? Will they be able to jump in when your schedule changes? So location does not have to be a deciding factor but has to be taken into account.


Finally, what to look for when hiring a chauffeur, is clear expectations. This is partly your task, too. Make sure that both you and the potential new chauffeur are clear on what the job remunerations are, and what the package is. Are you communicating clearly on the salary, working days, and holiday allowance? It is a big mistake to be unclear or vague about these details. All it will do is set unrealistic expectations, and attract unsuited candidates. So never assume your chauffeur would simply know, or be ok with all that you need and expect. This job role might not be suited for every single person. But as long as you are clear on the complete role, you will find your perfect match with much more ease!

How can Polo & Tweed help?

Do you now know what to look for when hiring a chauffeur? If you are ready to start the process, Polo & Tweed can help! We have an excellent selection of completely vetted and checked chauffeurs, based all over the world. So we can make the process very easy and smooth sailing for you. Let us take all the hard work away from you, and find the best, most suited chauffeurs for you. Why not get in touch by sending us a message and we look forward to getting things started for you.

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