What Should Be On Your Gardener CV


Published on December 22, 2020

Do you know what should be on your gardener CV? If you are looking to apply for a new gardener role, a good CV will be crucial. It will be the first impression a potential new employer will have of you. And potentially your only opportunity to leave a good impression! So make sure your CV has all the right information on it so you make the best chance of landing your need dream gardener job.

A Good Photo

Having a photo on your CV is a great way to make a personal connection with your potential employer before you can meet them. It makes your gardener CV and application a lot more personal which will appeal to a lot of people. Especially people who will be looking for a domestic household gardener! As mentioned before, this will be your first chance to connect with whoever is reviewing your CV, and a photo can really help.

Make sure the photo is suited for a CV if you choose to put one on. Make sure it ticks the following boxes:

  • The photo is clear.
    • This does not mean it has to be taken by a photographer! But make sure you are clearly visible in the photo, and it is not a blurred or with bad light. A simple selfie with your phone with a white background can already do the job!
  • You look professional.
    • Remember that this photo is going to your potential new employer. So this should not be a photo of you drinking beer on a night out, in your bathroom or in your pyjamas in bed. Make sure your clothing is professional looking and clean.
  • Smile!
    • The photo is there for you to make a positive connection. So make sure you have a photo where you look friendly, with a smile. It goes a long way!

Don’t Make It Too Long

Your gardener CV should give people a summary of your skills, experience, and background. It should not be an essay about your life. Most people will only ever look at the first page of a CV at the first selection. Only the CV’s who’s first page made the cut, might be looked at in further detail.

So that means that you should have the key information on your first page. And you should also not have very lengthy stories on there. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely anyone is ever going to read them.

So what should you think about on page 1?

  • List your latest jobs first. So this would either be your current role, or the most recent job you have finished.
  • Never start with listing your education or training. Your actual work experience – especially the most recent ones – will be more important. So they should be listed before education.
  • Make sure at the top of your CV you have a brief information section summarising your name, contact details, and background. And you can include a sentence or two introducing yourself and summarising your CV here too.

Make Sure It Looks Professional.

Your gardener CV is not the place to get artistic and too creative. It should look like an easy to read, professional document. Not a clash of colours, different types of fonts and other artwork.

It might be suited to include one or two small photos of particular gardening work you are proud of. Perhaps you have redesigned or built a garden or specific statement piece? But make sure to refer back to the above paragraph. Keep your information to a minimum.

Your CV should be clear, and easy to read. People should not have to look for information. Everything needs to be there ready for them to get a great understanding of who you are. And what your skills, and experience are and what you have to offer!

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

Are you confident in what to put on your gardener CV now? Then why not register with us so we can help you find your new dream job! Don’t worry, if you are not too confident in your CV writing skills – we can help you with that. Our Polo & Tweed recruitment consultants are here to help you throughout the whole process. From helping you find the right job for you. To interview tips and skills all the way through to job offer stage! Why not apply to register here today, and we look forward to find your new dream gardener job!

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