What is Online Social & Personal Etiquette Training?


Published on September 19, 2020

Do you know what online Social & Personal Etiquette training is? And what sort of things you will learn? Learning about social and personal etiquette will be beneficial for so many different facets of life. Whether this is work or social situations. Even travel! But it is important to understand exactly what you can expect from your online Social & Personal Etiquette training so that it is the right choice for you.

So, what can you expect from online Social & Personal Etiquette training?

Why Online Training

Online training courses are growing rapidly. Many traditional training providers are now offering online versions of their training. And although the modern world is definitely turning more digital. For some people doing a training course online can still feel like a hurdle.

Although in-person training might feel like the ‘normal’ thing to do. When comparing it to online training, it really has its disadvantages too. Doing in-person training can be very time-consuming. You will, firstly, probably have to travel to the training venue. Which may be in another city or even another country. If that is the case. you might have to include overnight stays. All that time is extra and comes on top of the time that you already have to take off to do your in-person training course.

Secondly: the expense of in-person training. Online Social & Personal Etiquette training will be lots cheaper than doing a similar training course, face to face.

Finally, with online training, you are not restricted by set dates. You can do the training from the comfort of your own home, within a timeline that works for you. With an online training course, you can spread the course material out over the times when it works for you – sometimes even over several months!

What Modules Will There Be?

In the online Social & Personal Etiquette training course, you will learn everything you need to know about how to behave correctly, as well as culturally, in ‘polite’ society. It is great for anyone who wants to know how to present themselves or behave in formal social situations, as well as how to be the perfect host, for example!

The modules included in this great, short but all-encompassing course are as follows. A great introduction to get you started!

  • The History of Etiquette
  • The History of Finishing schools
  • What is a Lady?
  • What is a Gentleman?
  • Elegant Meeting & Greeting
  • Graceful introductions
  • Dress Code
  • First Impressions – Handshakes and Kissing
  • Titles & Peerage – The Royal Family and Dignitaries
  • Body Language & Eye Contact
  • Perfect Posture and Deportment
  • Positive Non-Verbal Communication
  • Communication – Sophisticated Verbiage
  • Challenging Situations
  • Shooting Etiquette
  • Travel Etiquette
  • Toilet Etiquette
  • Cultural Etiquette
  • Child/Teenager Etiquette
  • Parties – Hosting and Attending Parties
  • Gift Giving and Receiving
  • Letters
  • Canapés

Online Training: A Different Way To Learn

Although you might not be attending a course in-person, there are still lots of practical skills to learn. It is proven that practicing is one of the great ways to really learn a new skill. Online Social & Personal Etiquette Training has lots of clear videos from the best trainers in the industry. Showing you exactly everything you need to know. It will be a welcome break from reading the course material. And it will be a great, varied way of taking in all the information.

The great thing about online training is that you can pause and rewind when you want to. So if you were not too sure about one module. You can go back and revisit it later. So you can really make sure you can take in all the information. Even the bits that you maybe didn’t get the first time around!

Get Your Certificate!

Yes, the Online Social & Personal Etiquette course will even give you a certificate once you have completed the training course! And although many people might take this course for personal development. It will look great on a CV too.

In any domestic job setting, knowing good social and personal etiquette can be of great importance. The way you present yourself and behave in your job. The way you can organise parties and events, in the correct formal way. All these skills are of great importance to have as a Housekeeper, for example. Or as a Nanny, Butler, House Manager, or anyone else working in the Domestic Service Industry.

So having this certificate will really show any (future) employers that you possess the social skills to deal with any formal or challenging situation. It also shows that you are willing to invest in your growth, knowledge and learning and that is seen as an extremely positive thing. It could really make you stand out from other candidates who may not have a certificate like this on their CV.

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

Polo & Tweed are world-leading training providers to students all over the world, with an online academy for all types of Etiquette training courses. Including Social & Personal Etiquette Online training! The training courses have been created by the leading industry professionals with many years of experience in the subjects.

Whether you are taking this for your work or for personal development. You will be able to learn so much from the online Social & Personal Etiquette training course. The online courses are internationally acknowledged and provide you with a certificate upon passing your final assessment. 

 To find out more about what options work best for you do contact us here now and we look forward to speak to you!

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