What is Online Concierge Training?


Published on July 12, 2020

Online Concierge training is the new way of learning! And entering the exciting world of the concierge. It is a great way to learn all concierge skills, from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are. It is an extremely effective and suited way to do concierge training. With excellent online formats, you will get as much out of it as a face to face training. It really works!

So, what exactly is online Concierge training?

How it Works

Online Concierge training courses are developed by the best hospitality professionals in the industry. They really know everything when it comes to hospitality, Front of House, and Concierge services. And there is a lot to learn! You will get all of the Concierge modules and information you need in an easy to navigate online format. You simply log in, get yourself comfortable with a pen and some paper for notes, and you are ready to go!

Online Concierge training courses are set up in a way so that you will learn lots of practical skills too. Because a big part of learning is having a go at things practically too. And you will not miss out on this during online Concierge training! You will firstly learn and study your modules. And to accompany this, there will be training videos too. Created by the top trainers in the industry.

You will follow the module text first, understanding the theory. Then, were suited for the more practical modules, there will be a video. Either showing you more background about the subject or showing you practical skills in action. This way you can watch exactly what needs to be done, and you can replay it as often as you like.

To make sure you understand the modules and have taken in all the information, there will be quizzes all throughout the online COnicerge training course. As well as some assessments to finish your training – which will be reviewing by the training  So that you immediately know what you might understand fully already, and what things you might have to look over again, to get the most out of the course.

What You Will Learn

An important part of understanding what online Concierge and Front of House training is, is the modules it will contain. It really is an all-encompassing course for anyone looking to step into or develop further, in the hospitality industry.

You will learn about hotel and restaurant hierarchies, and how to best work with these. Different types of etiquette, from bell boys to concierge.

You will learn all about guest arrival and departure procedures, as well as how to best greet guests. This really is an artform! Then there are modules such as cultural etiquette, which really is a must for anyone working in the hospitality industry. As well as unusual requests, and dealing with customer complaints. You can actually find a list of all the modules in this overview here.

Why Online Training?

Online Concierge training has a lot of benefits. Online training is really the training of the future. And you can be completely in control of your module intake, course progression, and timeline.

Cut Out Travel

One of the best things about online Concierge training is that it can be taken anywhere. It does not matter if you are on the other side of the world. As long as you have a laptop and some good internet connection, you can follow the online training! This can be a great benefit for anyone traveling for their work. But also if you have a specific company or training provider you know, like or trust and you would love to do training with them.

No longer will you have to travel to a specific training venue. Plan your route, your travel, and potentially book an overnight stay. You do your online Concierge training course from wherever you want. Whether you are at home, at work, or on holiday. You can decide!

Be In Charge of Your Own Time

If you would do a face to face Concierge training course, you are stuck with the dates and times of that course. This is not the case for your online Concierge training course! You can sign up whenever you want, and whenever you know you can make time for it.

Time is precious, and life can get so busy. If you would have to take time off from work to do a course. That can be a big problem, affecting your income. Or perhaps it might not even be possible!

With online training, it will give you the flexibility to complete modules as and when this works for you. So you do not have to do the whole training in one go – but you can spread it out. Sometimes even over several months.

Save Money

If you are working with a tight budget, the online Concierge Training option will be great for you. Online training will, in general, be cheaper than your face to face course. But don’t forget about all the extra money you will save. Firstly, you won’t have to travel to a training venue. Secondly, no need to book any overnight stays. Nor will you spend money on snacks, drinks, and food during the training period. It all really adds up!

Are you clear on what online Concierge training is now? Hopefully this has sparked your interest, and you can see the geat values of online training. Polo & Tweed have an extensive and highly acknowledges online academy for all their training courses – including Front of House and Concierge! All online courses are internationally recognised and provide you with a certificate upon passing your final assessment. Perfect for anyone in the hospitality industry looking to up their knowledge and skills.

 To find out more about the online training courses contact us here now and we look forward to speak to you!

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