What is an Estate Manager?

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Published on June 24, 2021

An estate manager cares for an estate or large property with acres of land. Compare this with a house manager, who manages just the property and not the land. This role combines a high level of property management with administrative and business duties. Being an estate manager is the perfect role for someone who thrives in a busy and complex environment. You must enjoy the great outdoors and work as part of a varied team of domestic staff.

Duties Of An Estate Manager

When trying to understand what an estate manager is, let’s have a look at their tasks and duties first. Their duties involve:

  • Ensuring that the entirety of the estate is in good condition, this includes the land and properties. If there is an issue that needs attention, the estate manager should notify the principal. They will need to oversee all maintenance and arrange for the appropriate people to solve the issue.
  • Keeping track of the finances of the estate, tracking income and outgoings from things like events and maintenance work.
  • Managing a team of domestic staff to keep the estate running smoothly.
  • Having a wealth of skills from silver service, agriculture, animals, farms, and more!
  • Managing their time well to ensure they are on top of all their duties and up to date with schedules.

A Varied Role

Depending on the specific estate/family, the role of the estate manager can vary massively. Firstly, some estate managers will be in charge of all staff in the home. Secondly, they will usually take on additional tasks such as chauffeuring, some housekeeping, and general butler duties. Often there can be multiple properties to manage, some might be located overseas or away from the main estate. Other estate managers may be responsible for everything on the estate, except for the home. In this instance, the estate manager would only be in charge of all staff outside, like gardeners or farmworkers.

Estate managers are responsible for ensuring all plants and crops are in good condition. If the property has a working farm. Then the estate manager could be responsible for making sure the animals are well cared for. If an animal was unwell, the estate manager may be expected to call the vet.

Some estates are run like a business, possibly as a farm or being used as event venues. It is the responsibility of the estate manager to keep track of the finances generated from this. If there is an event on the property, like a wedding. Then the estate manager would be responsible for ensuring everything is prepared. For this, they may need to book additional workers, like butlers or entertainment.

Salary Expectations

Estate management is a challenging role, and a generous salary comes along with that. Based on a 40-hour working week:

Entry-level estate managers with 2-4 years of experience can expect a yearly salary from £40,000 gross to £50,000 gross. This equates to £769-£961 gross per week.

Mid-level estate managers with 4-8 years of experience could expect a yearly salary of £51,000 gross to £75,000 gross. This equates to £980-£1442 gross per week.

High-level estate managers with 8+ years of experience can expect a yearly salary that exceeds £76,000 gross. This equates to over £1461 gross per week.

Training Options

If you would like to train to become an estate manager, Polo & Tweed are world-leading training providers to students all over the world, with an online academy for all the courses too. Then why not check out all the different training options we offer. Or if you would like to know more information, please do get in touch and we can help you further.

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

Do you now understand what an estate manager does? If you are interested in hiring an estate manager, Polo & Tweed can help! We have the best selection of estate managers and house managers on our books. With candidates available all over the world. Our highly experienced consultants can help you find the perfect candidate. Get in touch here and we look forward to speaking to you.

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