What Can a Personal Assistant Do For You?

Published on October 12, 2017

Having a PA, either in a corporate setting or in your private household, can make an enormous difference to your productivity levels. And the overall running of your business or household. So, what can a Personal Assistant do? Some people are not aware of the extent of the tasks that PA’s can do, and how they could be applicable to any corporate or home situation.

Who Could Employ a Personal Assistant?

Firstly, let’s have a look at where PA’s could be needed. People mostly assume that Personal Assistants are for the corporate sector – whether this is working directly for a manager or CEO, or working within a team of assistants and administrators.

However, is it becoming increasingly normal for a busy household to hire a Personal Assistant. You do not have to own a large estate or palace – even small, but busy, hardworking families are turning to the help of a Personal Assistant, either on a part time or full time basis.

What Can a Personal Assistant Do For You?

Being a Personal Assistant is, as the title of the job suggests, an extremely personal matter. A PA works very closely for, and sometimes with, the direct employer, so tasks can vary enormously between each role. However, to get an idea of how a Personal Assistant can be used within a business or household, have a look at the tasks below and realise how much work can actually be lifted from your shoulders.

Welcoming & Contact

This could be suited for both corporate and household situations. PA’s can be the first port of contact either over the phone, email, or when welcoming people into the company or household. This can also include dealing with all phone and email communications – so only the very important messages will land on your desk.

Diary Management

This can go as extensively as you feel necessary. From keeping track and booking in corporate meetings to scheduling dental checkups and childcare related appointments.

Note taking

It’s extremely valuable for meetings to have a record of all the discussed items. A PA can attend any meetings and make notes so you can be reminded of important points at the appropriate time.


Anything from booking flights to planning complete travel itineraries. Suggesting and researching holiday destinations and hotels through to booking little essentials such as the taxi pick up from the airport.

Planning & Organisation of Events

This can range from office drinks to business meetings through to larger events such as company conferences. Even private parties, birthdays, dinners and weddings.


A PA can keep track of all your schedules and deadlines. Reminding you of tasks, appointments or any other matters that need to be completed before a certain time.

Book Keeping

A PA can set up and manage databases, organise payroll, keep track of all receipts and invoices, and sort everything in regards to expenses.


Depending on your company or household, a PA can be the perfect person to conduct any research needed. This can range from analysis into reports and documents, through to selecting overviews of schools for your children. Finding a good deal on a new car. Sourcing antiques or special item of clothing. Making bookings at new and interesting restaurants that you would enjoy.

Are Personal Assistant Positions Entry-Level Jobs?

Personal Assistants are needed in all different types of setups. So in some roles a PA might indeed be an entry-level job, usually working within a team in administration. PA’s of high executives can be positions with many responsibilities. From managing teams to organising important events!

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There are PA’s who speak multiple languages or are university degree educated. As well as PA’s who have grown in the company and acquired all their knowledge while working in the role.

When hiring a PA, it is important to have a good look at the tasks the PA will be fulfilling, so you can find the best match with suitable experiences and the right background. You can read more here on how to hire a PA, or if you need any guidance on how to check references, do have a look here.

At Polo & Tweed, we have many PA’s on our books from all different types of backgrounds and experiences. So whether you are looking for an entry-level office PA or one with highly regarded experience, we would be delighted to help. Do get in touch with us and one of our recruitment team will look forward to speaking with you.

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