Ways Your PA Can Help Grow Your Business

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Published on March 14, 2018

A PA can be more than just a domestic aid. With motivation, they can help your business thrive! Click To TweetYour PA can be a profitable member of your team.  Regardless if your PA works for you as a private PA, managing your personal and home affairs, or if they manage your business affairs (or a little of both), your PA can be the difference between success and failure.  They are, after all, an extension of you and your home, business and affairs.

But what are the main ways your PA can help grow your business and what key factors should you be thinking about?

Today companies spend more on coffee than they do on training their new employees.  It’s a wonder that staff productivity has decreased over the years.  Staff training can dramatically increase conversions and productivity within the team.  It can give your staff members support, guidance and job satisfaction.  In turn this will help improve your business.

So what is the importance of a training program for your new employees?

  1. Staff Productivity
  2. Staff Happiness
  3. Staff Confidence
  4. Staff Bonding
  5. Staff Retention
  6. Business Growth

So what are the ways to train and keep track of their progress?

  1. Choose specific training suitable for their needs and focus on areas to improve.
  2. Implement their training straight away: it’s the best way for training to be re-enforced and practiced.
  3. Make it fun!
  4. Refresh regularly and reactively.  If you feel they need some additional support, provide it when needed.

How to implement training for your PA?

  1. List the tasks.
  2. Break it down so they are clear on each task and why it is important.
  3. Explain the desired outcome.
  4. Ask the PA to practice the task immediately afterwards and then throughout the next days/week.
  5. Give constructive feedback after each time the task is performed, make sure to include what they did right!
  6. From time to time, review the task.
  7. Listen to feedback from your PA – as their opinion is as equally important so you can adjust the training.

Why does training help your personal assistant grow your business?

  1. Your personal assistant will be more productive and complete tasks quicker – time is money!
  2. Your personal assistant will become more confident with the tasks, and develop more initiative to problem solve and pre-empt issues before they arise.
  3. Your personal assistant will represent you and your brand more succinctly with confidence that you can leave them to complete the task without any micro-management.
  4. Your personal assistant will be able to inspire and lead the team into being more creative and productive.


Are you looking for a personal assistant for you or your business? Or perhaps you need training for them?  We’d love to help you find staff or train staff.  Polo & Tweed works with global clients and candidates around the world.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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