Top Gardening Tips for Autumn


Published on September 22, 2020

Are you a keen gardener? Do you like to make sure your garden or outside space is looking the best it can be? Then make sure you are preparing your garden for the colder months to come. It is crucial to do the right work now, so that your garden can survive cold winter months and still look stunning throughout.

So what are the top gardening tips for autumn?

Gardening Tip 1: Prepare Your Greenhouse

Your greenhouse will be a must-have for anyone who wants their more sensitive plants to survive harsher autumn and winter weather coming up. So make sure to get a greenhouse if you don’t have one. And start cleaning yours out so that is ready for some of the summer plants to move in.

Thoroughly clean and organise your greenhouse so that there is no debris lying around that can be a hazard. Make sure your greenhouse can close properly so that frost cannot get inside of it. And remove any items or old plants that do not have to be in there anymore.

So that you have plenty of space for your summer plants to get comfortable during the colder months. Make sure it is clean, dry and ready.

Gardening Tip 2: Pull out Annual Plants / Leave the Winter Ones

When you want to get your garden ready for autumn, it is vital to understand which plants should stay, and which plants really should be removed before the cold weather kicks in.

Remove any plants that will not last through the winter, and make sure the ones that can stay in the ground are in top condition. So no weeds or leaves around them, and they have enough water and feed. If you are not sure which plants you can leave in, you can find a handy overview here.

And if you have followed tip 1, you can put plants who need a bit more protection, in pots in the greenhouse for the winter months.

Gardening Tip 3: Trim Hedges & Shrubs

This is the time to tidy everything up. Do you have a lot of shrubs and hedges? Time to get those trimmed and ready for the colder weather. If you are not sure: a simple rule is that anything that is overgrowing or in the way can be cut and trimmed back. And plants and shrubs that have been flowering since June need to be cut back now. So that new flowers can reappear in spring!

Gardening Tip 4: Sort Out Your Leaves

It is extremely important to keep on top of your leaves falling down. You do not want them lying around your grass and rest of your garden for too long as they can affect the plants and grass growing underneath them.

So make sure that every couple of days (or every day if you have lots of trees!) you do a big sweep of the garden collecting all leaves. You can put them in a bag together, with some holes in it and leave it tucked away. It will make for lovely compost!

Gardening Tip 5: Mow The Lawn One Final Time

Are you ready to say goodbye to this time-consuming task for a couple of months? Maker the best out of the last time you do this before the weather changes. It is best to leave the grass to be a little longer than normal for the colder months, You should be able to adjust the blade settings on your mower a little higher so that it won’t trim the grass fully short.

This way to grass will last through the colder months and will be ready for springtime to come!

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

Are you confident you can get your garden ready for autumn, and all other seasons? Or do you need a little bit of help? You should consider getting the help of a gardener!  You do not have to fully employ someone, as lots of gardeners do part-time and freelance work too. Polo & Tweed is here to find the best gardener for your needs and requirements. With clients and candidates all over the world, we match the best gardening professionals in the industry with the most suited roles. 

Our expert recruitment consultants have years’ of experience in the private household industry and will be able to guide you through the whole process of either hiring a new gardener or finding a new job as one. Why not contact us now to get the process started!

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