The Search to Find the Perfect Nanny

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Published on November 1, 2015

We are often asked, “What makes a perfect nanny?” and it’s actually quite a complicated answer.  For busy families who need additional support with their families, it is a straight forward solution to a common problem.

So how do you find a perfect nanny?

The role of the nanny can have a profound influence on the families they work for.  It can lead children to be secure in the routine and be given an additional level of support.  There are many ways to find a good nanny but the best way to find a perfect nanny is to follow this simple,  yet effective mnemonic: SPLASH

S = Safety

P = Package

L = Live in/Live out?

A = Attitude

S = Special Skills

H = Housekeeping

Children-Crossing perfect nannyS = Safety.

Perhaps the most important aspect of your search to find the perfect nanny. Your child(rens) safety is the most important aspect of your concern.  You want your home and environment to be safe and secure, whilst at the same time providing a stimulating environment for your child(ren) to flourish and grow in.  How can you achieve this?

Reflect for a moment what constitutes a typical day and a typical week in your family life. What needs do you have to meet, and how can the service of your perfect nanny help you meet them? How can their skills ensure that your children are safe?  Ultimately the perfect nanny should make your life easier and give total care and security to your child(ren) in the ways you require. Each family is unique and each child brings a new range of demands. The clearer your understanding of your own needs, the greater your chances are of explaining what her duties will be.


Package perfect nannyP = Package offered.

You should consider the package on offer. Nannies work in the industry because they (hopefully) love childcare. The package offered in terms of salary and added bonus/benefits are vital to making the right nanny hire.

The nanny is lucky to have been given a job for a private family (as it’s a great industry to work in) but there are always other families who can offer more. The budget doesn’t need to be blown unnecessarily. If you feel you need to have a more modest budget, then consider adding things like a car, food, wifi and sky (if live in) and a bonus. It’s the small touches and generosity that will ensure that your nanny will want to stay and grow with your family for years to come.


Bedroom perfect nannyL = Live in or Live out.

This is a really important decision to make. Some families swear by having a nanny live in, as simple things such as early morning starts won’t be interrupted by train delays or traffic on the roads. Personally my family always had live in nannies and my nanny lives in with us. Those fortunate enough provide a studio annex apartment and this gives the family the space, whilst also giving the nanny the space to have her own zone.

For families in Central London, space is not always possible and the live out option is preferred. In these instances consider where the nanny lives (how long her commute will be), or if you need the nanny to babysit or work late hours. Yous should discuss this during the interview and the perfect nanny will have the perfect answers.


smile perfect nannyA = Attitude.

The nanny’s right approach to your child is vital.   You may work every hour of the day, leading a hectic and busy work life, or you might be a stay at home mum who is around every day. The type of life you lead will greatly impact the energy and way the nanny interacts with you. The ability for a good nanny to knuckle down and blend with the family is second to none.  A good attitude is vital to a lengthy employment with a family. It works both ways.



Horseriding perfect nannyS = Special Skills.

The safety of the child(ren) is paramount and allows peace of mind when nanny has sole charge. Do enquire if they have knowledge of basic first aid for babies and /or toddlers and children. The British Red Cross provide excellent short first aid courses that take place all over the country.

Asking for the nanny to speak fluent Spanish is a relatively straight-forward ask , however requesting a Mandarin speaking employee reduces chances substantially. It’s possible, but you’ll pay a premium as there are fewer nannies who speak the language. If you often travel and require the nanny to drive, then a driving licence might be a must, but think carefully if you require your nanny to have unusual skills because this narrows the field considerably and   lengthens the wait to find a suitable person.

Housekeeping perfect nannyH – Housekeeping.

There are two types of Nannies. A nanny who does only child care duties. They will do children’s laundry and general tidying up after children. These Nannies are often more suited to the big budget clients. You will need to consider employing a Housekeeper to work in the home, this can be part time or full time.

The second option to consider is a Nanny/Housekeeper. These candidates are more flexible and willing to tidy the home, do general cleaning and look after the home alongside the children. A perfect option for those on a more modest budget, or with children at school and thus having spare time during the day. Best avoided for young children, as the focus of the nanny should be on the children. Ultimately the budget of the client affects which option you go for, and a good Nanny should always have some flexibility in their approach.

Finding the right nanny is vital for peace of mind. It’s a process we are very familiar with. If you are looking for the ideal nanny, then drop us a line and let us know how we can help you.

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