The Role of Technology in Modern Housekeeping

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Published on February 1, 2024

Who doesn’t love an app or appliance that helps you with your housekeeping. However, what do we really think of the role of technology in Modern Housekeeping?

IT Assistance

Digital work lists means that you can create and share items on the agenda with others. The downside to anything digital is the requirement to have a device with you at all times. Now with a housekeeper, this might be difficult. If you need an app on the phone, it does not look professional and can often confuse work with downtime. Some places have a no phone policy during work and this will need to be amended. Technology enhances communication and helps your team efficiently complete tasks. It’s good for the planet too, meaning less paper is required.

Digital support

Any apps that can ease the pressure of work have got to be a good thing. Great for inventories such as wine, dry goods, linens and cleaning supplies. They can at first be time consuming to enter all the information, and this can vary depending on the scale of the house. Once set-up though they simply aid you at work and keep the household highly organized.

Light Control

Lighting systems such as Lutron LED lighting control systems work by controlling the lights within a home as well as dimming and daylight management. You can set ‘night’ and ‘day modes and they can be incorporated with automated blinds too. Making a turn down session a breeze with the press of a button. Simple to use when you know how and if you had similar setups in other properties then you will transition easily into a new workplace. Those that are new to the system just need an explanation and an understanding. Very often the ‘smart systems’ are capable of so much, but often need experts to come in and set up properly taking into account the needs of the home. Some smart systems work off tablets that need charging, this may fall onto the housekeeper to take care of.

Modern Technology Appliances

Ovens that have a self clean function are called pyrolytic ovens.They are amazing but be mindful of the timing of them being set. Once started, they are locked and the process cannot be aborted. Understand the depth of the cleaning required and how long that would take. Ventilation is required and remember to take out unnecessary items ahead of time.

Robot vacuums

Have become quite the norm in many households and there are many affordable options as well as the high end ones. They still require you to program and maintain them. However in high traffic areas they can really offer support and help, leaving housekeepers to continue with other areas of the house. Especially when there are pets in the home that shed. Some are self emptying, remember that vessel still needs to be emptied!

Garment Cleaner

Did you know there is even a clothing care system that enables people to clean their clothes without actually putting them in the machine? The modern appliance works by having garments hung on the incorporated hook and scanned with a smartphone; users can clean the piece of clothing using the incorporated wand – which manually removes particles and dust. The ‘Air Clean’ functionality will deodorize clothes through the use of anion particles, which will finish the cleaning process and have garments ready for wear in no time, technology at its best.

Smart toilets

Have all sorts of functions, the most common being the heated seat. The settings themselves are easy to manage. Cleaners still need to know how they work and if there is any maintenance required and remembering to schedule this in.

Bluetooth washing machines

where you can set the time can be really helpful. So items are not sat in the machine overnight but can be set for 7am and ready for you to unload at 8am when starting work. It could be linens or rags or tea towels from last night’s dinner party. Perhaps you asked the butler to load the machine and you pre set it. The perfect harmony!!! The same can be done for dishwashers, the kitchen might be right below the master bedroom and the 3 loud beeps it makes after its cycle at 1am might be enough to send anyone crazy out of a deep slumber. Dishwashers can also be programmed to be put on first thing in the morning, ready to be unloaded.
MHVR systems-how they work and what you have to know

Advanced Technology Systems

Window Cleaners

AI powered window cleaners are really a thing. The robot is integrated with AI technology enabling it to operate automatically and easily detect frames or other obstacles on windows. Controlled via a remote control or your smartphone to making it an advanced piece of technology for modern consumers to take advantage of. It does however have cleaning pads that will of course need changing and the device itself moving to another location. We are not totally sold on the concept, unless in an apartment on the 28th floor!


Home security systems are extremely smart. When you get to understand how they work then they are relatively easy to control. As a housekeeper it may be part of your job to activate the alarm at the end of the day, or possibly at the beginning. Yet another thing to learn….. The list goes on.

So much that is available around us can make our lives easier but there is a balance. When everything works fine and is understood by its users then we know that’s a benefit. Often things go wrong and this can take time to fix. Some just want a pad and a pen for lists and a mop and bucket to clean with.

The role of technology in modern housekeeping can play a large part in a role as a housekeeper. Have you moved with the times? Do you embrace the technology around us? We would love to know your thoughts.

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