The Private Equity Assistant – An Invaluable Part of Any Finance Business


Published on May 14, 2018

Enthusiasm is the key to success in all Assistant services! Click To TweetHave you always wanted to get into the world of finance but you never really knew how to?  Or perhaps you have been in the finance industry, or having been studying in that direction, but you want to have a great opportunity on how to get higher up in the business – or simply a foot in the right door.

Working as a Private Equity Assistant can do all of the above. It can open you up to a world of exciting opportunities, getting you through the doors of the highest-end finance firms, working directly alongside or under some of the highest regarded key players in the company.

You might think that opportunities like those are either impossible to achieve, or you are very far away from it. However if you make the right career decisions, this could be yours: you can become a Private Equity Assistant.

What does a Private Equity Assistant do?

As a Private Equity Assistant you will most likely be working as the support for one or more directors or people in similarly high end positions in finance type firms. Tasks can be extremely varied, depending on the firm, but it can contain some of the following:

  • Diary management and organisation
  • Travel organisation, planning and set up
  • Expense reconciliations
  • Project support and development
  • Creation and organisation of project-related documentation and reports
  • General document & records management including oversight of CRM
  • Team event coordination
  • HR & compliance tasks
  • Office facilities management and general office administration & support, including offering support to the head Executive Assistant
  • Setting up, organising and troubleshooting processes and systems

How can you become a Private Equity Assistant?

Firstly, let’s have a look at the concrete background and experience you should have to find a job as a Private Equity Assistant.

  • Depending on the firm, you should have several years’ experience working as a PA or Assistant in the finance or Professional Services industry.
  • Most companies will ask you to be degree educated or have at least relevant qualifications.
  • You must be excellent in computer processing, quick and skilled in things like Word and especially Excel.
  • Have a solid understanding of corporate communication, both verbal and written.

What makes a good Private Equity Assistant?

Besides your previous work and maybe study experience, it takes a certain type of person to become a Private Equity Assistant. Again, every firm will be different in what type of character they look for to make sure that the personality matches or complements the team. However in general these pointers can be important:

  • You should have an active open personality and find it easy to communicate with people. Large parts of your role will be working within a team, working for people and being in a busy environment, so being able to communicate on all levels with people from all levels of the firm is key.
  • You should be hard working, and willing to get stuck in. Being a Private Equity Assistant is a varied role and if you work hard and are willing to take on new challenges, it can lead to great career prospects. Everything becomes difficult when not executed well, so enthusiasm is key to even the smallest tasks.
  • You must be naturally organised. Yes, lots of things come with experience but being a Private Equity Assistant requires an enormous amount of organisation, planning and structure. You should enjoy providing structures and having a keen eye for detail.
  • Be ambitious. Being a Private Equity Assistant gives enormous and exciting opportunities to work very closely with very high up and powerful people in firms. If you work hard and stay committed it can be the best way to create new opportunities for yourself.

Are you looking for a career change, or do you have what it takes to become a Private Equity Assistant? Perhaps you are looking for a new Private Equity Assistant to join your team. Whatever your situation, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us and we look forward to finding your new dream job, or finding you the right new Private Equity Assistant!

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