The Importance of Training for a Hotel Porter


Published on July 27, 2018

A Hotel Porter with the personal touch will always make an impression! Click To TweetThe hotel porter performs a valuable role for many hotels around the world.  In fact, many guests would say that the hotel porter or the night porter can make an integral first impression to their overall stay – and on your brand!  After all, they are part of the front of house team, and will typically escort you (or just your bags!) to your room.

It’s a varied role, suited to fit individuals who enjoy providing a high level of service for the clients they interact with.

But how important is a hotel porter?  And why would a hotel porter or night porter require training?

How important is a hotel porter?

The hotel porter is one of the first impressions the client will have of the hotel.  It is also a role which requires a focus for safety and security.  They are actively involved in taking luggage to the rooms, and, in some boutique hotels, will escort the guests to their rooms.  They may also help with small tasks such as helping with local directions or any specific guest requests which might be asked for.

Polite etiquette and friendly communication is key to brand integrity.  They need to make each client feel special.

Tasks might include:

  • Welcoming Guests
  • Carrying Luggage
  • Explaining the Hotel Layout (including facilities the guest may wish to use)
  • Helping with Additional Tasks (such as taxis)
  • Arranging for Dry Cleaning
  • Assisting with Health and Safety (such as fire awareness)
  • Answering any Additional Questions the Guest Might Have

In larger hotels with meeting facilities they might be asked to move, re-arrange the room or set up equipment for meetings.  They may be asked to assist their colleagues in front of house.  Depending on the number of porters and night porters, they may manage junior porters, perhaps even organise rotas or assist with recruitment.

Which skills does a hotel porter require training on?

There are a number of areas in which a hotel porter or night porter will require training on.  These can include:

  • Communication, Etiquette and Front of House Skills
  • Team Work, Management and Staff Hierarchy
  • Problem Solving
  • Dealing with Requests and Challenging Situations
  • Physical Training (such as correct ways to lift bags or unpacking/packing for guests)

Why are these skills important?

It cannot be stressed enough how important your porter or night porter is to the first impression for your hotel.  A first impression is made within seconds and can be the difference between making a wonderful experience or losing a client. By ensuring that the porter and night porter have the right level of skills, through training and continued assessment and evaluation, we’ll ensure that your hotel brand is protected and the clients return time and time again.

A satisfied client’s comments on hotel recommendation sites will also help build your brand’s sterling reputation, and most reviews are the result of favourable first impressions.

Skills can be developed and honed, and by giving confidence to the porters, the staff turnover will reduce.  Be prepared to invest in the future of your staff and increase your hotel revenue.


To learn more about staff training we can provide for porters and night porters, you can get in touch with us here.  We would love to discuss your needs and create a unique package for you and your staff.


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