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Published on November 8, 2016

The shooting season is well underway in Britain and it’s an exciting time for family or friends to come together, and organise weekends away. However, hosting a shooting day or weekend can require a lot of planning, organisation, and management. Hiring temporary staff for the shooting season can help to decrease the workload and increase enjoyment. There are the practicalities of hosting groups of people at your property. But a shooting weekend can take up a lot more management than just your regular events. It is definitely worth it to hire temporary staff who know what they are doing. Who are highly experienced in and knowledgeable of shooting and hunting. And who can make a shooting weekend a true success.

There are quite a few options when it comes to specific staff for the shooting season; here are a few.

Butler with Shotgun license

When you start looking at staff for the shooting season, a butler will be the first option to come to mind. A butler with a shotgun license could be a crucial member of staff during the shooting season. This particular butler will be experienced in the shooting season. And knowledgeable about all practicalities and etiquette. He or she can accompany you and your guests during the hunt. They could even lead, if required. And they will be there for advice or tips.

Your butler can brief you, the household and any guests on shooting etiquette. This could be a great addition if there are guests in the group who are new to the experience or fairly novice. It could also simply be because more assistance is needed. Having someone guide and organise the group, schedule and plan hunts, and organise other practicalities like making sure all the right kit is available, will all be part of your butler’s tasks.

Focus on Experienced Butlers

When sourcing a butler like this, you need to be extremely critical when looking at background and experience. There simply is no sense in hiring a – perhaps highly experienced – butler, who has never worked a shooting weekend or season before. Also, it is highly helpful if the butler has a shotgun license. Although the butler might not, on the days, accompany the hunting party. There might be a last-minute occasion where you require help. And you would already have a knowledgeable and qualified person there. Preparation is, after all, everything.

If a butler has not specifically worked as a ‘shooting Butler’ during particular shooting seasons, consider a butler who has worked in a household where regular hunts were organised. Has the butler worked in a team within a household during several shooting seasons? Then he or she will potentially have an understanding of what it takes with regards to proper organisation and planning.

Specialised Chef

A second essential member of staff for the shooting season is a specialised chef. What can be better after an active day in the glorious countryside, than having a true feast prepared consisting of the outcome of a successful shooting day? Even if you already have an in house chef. For these occasions, when you have fresh game, it might be worth looking into a chef who has experience in this area.

Having a specialist on board will make these afternoon and evening get-togethers even more special. A chef specialising in bringing flavours together with pheasant, grouse, duck, rabbit, to name a few, is priceless. When a chef is experienced in this, they will surprise you and your guests. This could be with remarkable flavour combinations and beautiful presentations. Leaving a long-lasting impression and an outstanding end to a successful event.

Bespoke Tailors

Finally, when looking at staff for the shooting season, think about a tailor. “Manners Maketh Man”, as the well-known saying goes. However, when it comes to shooting events, an excellent, suitable and practical suit will go a long way. You can surprise guests with tailor-made bespoke shooting suits for the occasion, marking an event and giving them a long-lasting memory of a successful and important get together.

Finishing touches like a family crest, a date or initials can be embroidered for that personalised special touch. There are several outstanding tailors we can recommend who do the most high end, excellent quality suits. They will add an outstanding finishing touch to the shooting events.  One of our personal favourites is Stowers London. Their approach to bespoke tailor services exceeds all expectations.

At Polo & Tweed, we work with many households finding them the right temporary or permanent staff suitable for shooting, and specifically the shooting season. If you would like to find out more on the candidates we have on offer, please do not hesitate to contact us here. We would be delighted to have a chat, and find you the right staff for the season and beyond.

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