Silver Service Training For Private Jets


Published on July 2, 2021

Owning, managing or running private jets is an all-encompassing business. Besides making sure that everything is up to date, arranged perfectly on time and ready for the client’s scheduled (and sometimes last minute!) travel, a key element is giving the client the best possible experience on board. Travelling by private jet is about so much more than just the convenience of tailor-made travel time and the privacy of your own travel space – private jet travel is becoming a unique new luxury experience. So having the right silver service training for private jets, is crucial for your staff to give the best possible experience to anyone travelling.

Private Jets: A Changing Industry

The world of private air travel has drastically changed over the years and is still the one area in luxury transport and hospitality that is going through a large, and exciting transition. With new and existing charter companies opening their services for one-off bookings and much more affordable prices, private jet travel has all of a sudden sparked an interest with a larger audience who previously would never think this would be within their reach.

As with any industry in transition, new competition on the market makes everyone sharpen their focus: how can you continuously improve, and differentiate from the ever-growing competition and mostly: how to stand out, and make people want to return to you, re-book and recommend your services to their friends?

Clients who use private jets, whether this is on a one-off occasion, or as their regular mode of transport, will, and should be expecting the highest level of service for the duration of their travels. Competitors might offer the same type of jets and the same flexibility in booking and availability. But, like a high-end restaurant or a 5-star hotel, where you can really distinguish yourself, and make a lasting impression, is on the service you provide.

Why You Must Train Your Private Jet Staff In Silver Service

Silver Service might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the service in a private jet, or any aeroplane at all. But that is exactly why it is important to invest in having your airline serving staff, stewards and stewardesses get trained in professional Silver Service.

The art of Silver Service has been long since revered as a skill of the highest level when it comes to hospitality and domestic service. Perhaps most famous in Palaces, large Private Estates, on yachts and in 5* Hotels, Silver Service is considered the highest level of knowledge people can obtain when it comes to service in all its forms. And jet owners and charters around the world are starting to understand the importance of offering the art of Silver Service and to maintain these 7* standards, Silver Service must be taught, trained and perfected.

What To Expect During A Private Jet Silver Service Training

Having the stewards and stewardesses trained in Silver Service will lift the hospitality experience on board to new and extremely high standards. Having proper table setting, the right way of serving food and drinks, to wine pairing, creating atmosphere and proper service etiquette; your guests will feel like they are in a 5-star hotel instead of up in the air!

Mock Jet Training Layout

You do not have to have a jet available to have training conducted. We understand that arranging a jet and taking it off the schedule to conduct training, might not be available. At Polo & Tweed, we are experienced in creating a ‘mock room’. This is a training space where flooring space is outlined to match the interior of a jet. This will then be used to work and practice the Silver Service so that spacing is kept in mind – and learnt to work with whilst practising the highest level of service. It is also a great way to practice tray service with a 7* level standard.


All the Polo & Tweed training is completely tailor-made to your requirements, expectations and needs. We train large and small groups, as well as 1-1 training. Below is a selection of the many modules you can choose and consider for your private jet Silver Service training:

  • Table Management
  • Hygiene
  • Silver Service
  • English Service
  • Butler Service
  • Buffet Service
  • Russian Service
  • French Service
  • Yacht Service
  • American Service
  • Hors D’Oeuvre
  • Party & Event Service
  • Body Language
  • Ambience
  • Cigar Service
  • Finishing Touches
  • Glass Polishing
  • Silver Polishing
  • Napkin Folding
  • Wine Pairing
  • Service Etiquette
  • Wine Service
  • Champagne Service
  • Tea & Coffee Service
  • Afternoon Tea & Coffee Service (High Tea)
  • Tray Service
  • Trolly Service

Online Silver Service Training Options

Online Silver Service training is an excellent option for those who are looking for more flexibility. There are so many benefits to undertaking your silver service training for private jets online! It does not matter where you are in the world. As long as you have an internet connection and a laptop or computer, you will be able to take the training. It allows you to set your own timelineso you can start the training when it is convenient for you. With handy online videos, quizzes and assignments, you will still be able to learn so much from the online training options.

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

Did you find this information about silver service training or private jets helpful? If you are keen to find out more, we can help! Our expert team would love to chat to you and help you find the right training for you and your team. So why not get in touch here, or give us a call on 0203 858 0233. Our training team will be looking forward to hearing from you!