Should You Become a Part-Time Housekeeper?

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Published on December 18, 2022

The a-typical 9-5 life isn’t for everybody. For those seeking more flexibility to accommodate life’s busy schedule, part-time work can be a godsend. The ability to fit a work-life around children, commitments or passion projects whilst working within a positive environment is what, for many, makes part-time Housekeeping such a boon. 

Housekeeping skills are something that many of us have developed over time. Managing one’s own household and raising a family, imparts the basic skills of housekeeping. This, in turn, makes housekeeping, for many seeking part-time employment, a natural option.


As stated, a part-time Housekeeper encounters many of the tasks one would face at home. Washing, ironing and cleaning to name but a few. Of course, the role of a part-time Housekeeper is versatile in nature and often is accompanied by a certain degree of flexibility. Whilst core duties of laundry and cleaning may stay constant, there are often opportunities that offer a change of scene such as errand running, grocery shopping or doing the school run. 

You should be proficient at the basic housekeeping tasks of washing, ironing and cleaning. Other duties will vary, based on individual job roles but generally include, though are not limited to; light cooking and childcare duties. Dusting, making beds and changing linen, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Also the handling of chemicals and operating of household equipment such as floor polishing machines. 

In certain households, you may be required to care for fine materials such as silk and cashmere. It is important to understand the specific requirements for such materials if you are to interact with them. Additionally, you may also be required to clean and care for art, sculptures and precious materials like marble or wood. Experience with these items isn’t necessary but can really help make you stand out. 

In more rural areas it may be helpful to have your own transportation as part-time housekeepers are often required to run errands such as to the post office or grocery store. You may also need to pick up or drop off children at school. 

The Right Settings

A part-time Housekeeper can quickly become an integral part of a household. Being a friendly and positive person goes a long way to being a valued member of the team. As you will naturally be working within the principal’s home, in close proximity to their family and worldly possessions. Being a discrete and trustworthy person is important. You must be able to respect the environment around you and the position of responsibility that you have been given. 

You may also have the chance to work in some amazing places, either alone or as part of a team of staff. If you are generally a team player and happy worker, part-time housekeeping might offer an excellent working environment where you can work flexibly to suit your schedule.


Most typically, the largest factor driving people to become part-time housekeepers and work more is to earn. As stated the ability to earn extra income around your current schedule is an extremely attractive draw. A part-time housekeeper can roughly earn between £16 – £25 per hour. However do keep in mind this can vary enormously per household, type of role and location. With the possibility to work for a couple of hours per day or full days a few times a week; you can quickly be earning an extra couple of hundred pounds per week. 

If you feel that you would like to get back into work, earn some extra money each week and want to work in a positive environment. Consider becoming a part-time housekeeper and register on our website here to find your perfect role. 

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