Hiring a Sales Personal Assistant – AI VS Human


Published on October 7, 2017

Sales is a fluid and ever-changing medium. Over the last 10 years, the western world has dramatically changed its approach to marketing and sales. Using more personal and innovative ways to reach their ever-changing customer base. With sales, we’ve seen a decline in pushy sales techniques. And witness the rise of tailor-made, unique sales patterns. Matching the right sales approach to the right client and customer.

According to The TAS Group, only 46% of reps feel their sales pipeline is accurate. Also, 40% of all salespeople can’t understand the problems of their customers. These statistics are concerning. Without the understanding of the problem or the service that the salesperson is providing, it is impossible to ‘fix’ or ‘solve’ the problem with a successful sale.

In the last 10 years and as we look into the future, we see a rise in automation sales. Using digital software and ‘AI’ to assist with our sales. But does this actually solve the issues you might be facing with an effective sales team? Also, is a digital assistant better than a real person in the role of a sales personal assistant?

It is tempting to use automation as much as possible. After all, we can now turn the kettle on with our smartphones. We can view your home CCTV when travelling in another country, and so much more. Automation both in personal and business is becoming commonplace.

Digital personal assistants and assistants make a great deal of sense. They can keep detailed breakdowns of systems in place. Also, unlike humans, have much less margin for error. When you then need to look at sales figures and the nitty-gritty. Then this automation and in turn the recorded detail it can provide, is an invaluable resource to adjust and respond to changing markets.

Proven Results

Using an AI assistant has been proven to help increase revenue. As well as finding new ways of speeding up the workflow. As well as ensuring that the remaining team are free to focus on client retention and interactions.

In our own recruitment process, we utilise an AI assistant to help manage our diaries and follow up systems. Using it to notify us of pending meetings and schedule posts.

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Is the AI Digital Sales Personal Assistant the Solution?

Firstly, you need to consider your own technical ability. Some of us are more gifted at this than others. One entrepreneur reported a growing frustration that almost all his old-fashioned systems had now been given way to automation. Data entry, mass emails, mass text messages. Even diary management has been handed over to automation.

So it’s important to recognise (and be honest with yourself) where you fall on the tech spectrum. If you still think the cloud is a place in the sky above aeroplanes, you might not be the right person to attempt to work with a digital sales personal assistant!

One Won’t Replace The Other

AI and digital assistants are fantastic for those with the technical know-how and savvy skills to adjust and ‘fix’ any bugs or shortcomings. However,  it doesn’t replace the ability that a human can and will perform in order to solve a problem that might not be in the remit of the AI.

AI is in our current time, still limited by the ability of the programme and construct of the software around which it was built. An intelligent and bright human being can do what AI still struggle to do. Which is learn, and react and grow to new situations they find themselves within.

Don’t Forget to be Human

AI digital assistants can help increase and improve revenue and workflow. This has been proven. But the use of an experienced and qualified sales personal assistant or assistant who is human can, in turn, support the work of the AI digital assistant. They can create new ways and responses to new situations.  These tasks can be as equally valuable to any growing company driven by sales.

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

If you need help finding a new (human) sales personal assistant or assistant, we’d love to help! Polo & Tweed can give you advice and help you find the best person for the job. Why not drop us a line and see how we can help improve your sales with your new amazing assistant.

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