Important Questions to Ask a Degree Qualified Nanny


Published on March 23, 2017

Most of the time, experience is enough for families looking for a nanny. However, some families want something more than just experience- they want a degree qualified nanny!

Many nannies have childcare or child development qualifications, teaching qualifications or are educated to degree level. Families may have school aged children who need help with homework, or their children need to get into top schools and need help with upcoming exams. If you’re looking for a degree qualified nanny, read on to find out the important questions you should be asking when it comes time to interview.


Can you show me your qualification certificates?

As with any other nanny, you’ll want to know the qualifications they have match up to what their CV states! Seeing a certificate for any qualifications will allow you to do this.


Are you happy for me to contact your references?

Although agencies will check the references of a degree qualified nanny, you may like to do this for yourself too for peace of mind and additional information to help you make a decision.


Do you have a DBS check?

Your children are your life, so you’ll want to know you’re entrusting them to someone who is safe to care for them.


Do you have a first aid qualification?

A nanny may have a degree, but you’ll want to know they’ll handle an emergency situation well too!


Do you speak any other languages?

If you need your degree qualified nanny to be bilingual, make sure you cover this during the interview stage.


What is your relevant experience?

Experience in childcare is vital, so ask the candidate what experience they have that will help them in this role. A degree gives them the knowledge, but experience allows them to put it into practice!


What’s your success rate for helping children succeed in exams?

If your children need to be expertly tutored by a degree qualified nanny, ask them how well they’ve managed to help past children pass exams. Every child is different, but a high success rate will give you reassurance.


Are you happy to look after all the children, or just those you’ll be tutoring?

A degree qualified nanny needs to be flexible, and you’ll need to know she’s happy to take care of all childcare tasks, not just those related to her degree subject.


Can you tell me a bit about your personality and disciplining style?

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You’ll want to know the candidate will fit well into your family, so asking them how they deal with naughty children will confirm whether or not your parenting styles match.



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