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Published on September 21, 2016

You know you deserve your next job promotion.  You’ve dreamed of the perfect job and you can’t help but gasp when you finally see the dream job being advertised.

You know you are the perfect candidate for the job, but showing the prospective employer that you are the perfect candidate might be harder than it looks.  In a hugely competitive industry, never assume it will be easy to get an interview, and without getting to interview you might never get to show exactly how perfect you are for the role.

To get into the interview you need the best private housekeeper CV to seriously impress the client. Look no further for the best sample CV for housekeeping jobs.

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Yes your CV needs a photo.  Why? Because it is your first ‘connection’ with the client.  It personalises and humanises you and allows you to connect on a more personal level with your prospective employer.

You don’t need to look like a supermodel, but you should be careful with the photo you pick.  Put some nice clothes on (professional rather than a night on the town), wear clean, simple makeup and make sure your hair is tidy.

Men should be clean shaven unless it is culturally not possible, in which case beards should be neat and tidy.  Ask a friend to accompany you outside (natural light is always much better) and look directly to camera and smile!  Show us your teeth (trust us this makes smiles look so much better). Avoid selfies, blurry photos or group shots where you are with friends.

Keep to the point

A good CV or CV is short.  No one wants to read a private housekeeper CV that lasts 3 or more pages.  If your CV goes over 2 pages you’ve got too much detail on it.

Regardless of your age and how many years you’ve been working in the industry, there is no need for your CV to be longer than 2 pages.  Trust us. Our housekeeping CV sample will show you how to keep your CV concise and clear.  Your potential employer wants to get a clear overview of your work history quickly – so get to the point!


We are often asked, ‘whats the perfect sample CV for housekeeping jobs’? Each individual can flavour their CV as to their own personality.  But beware!  This is not an exercise in graphic design. Resist the temptation to get photoshop involved.

A good private housekeeping CV will be clear and easy to read, but have accents of your personality and flair.  Perhaps you are particularly good at flower arranging – why not include a photo of one of your table designs at the end of your CV?  If you are looking online to find sample CV for housekeeping jobs, don’t get carried away by over-the-top designs.  Trust us, this isn’t the time to use clip art!


It goes without saying (but we are going to say it anyway), when writing a private housekeeping CV make sure your contact details are up to date!  Do you have your most recent telephone number and email? Does your location reflect the current location or your old?

A private housekeeping CV MUST have these details and they MUST be up to date.  Don’t fall at the final hurdle when the client goes to contact you and reaches a dead mobile or bounced back email.

Housekeeping Resume Sample

We see hundreds of housekeeping CVs each week, and we wanted to give not only our tips, but a free housekeeping CV sample for you to download and use.  Perhaps in return you’d like to share this blog with your colleagues or friends, or write us a good review if you get your dream job! 😉  What are you waiting for – download your free housekeeping CV sample by clicking on the button below and simply replace with your own details.  Good luck!

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