Why You Should Get An Author Assistant


Published on December 14, 2017

If you are an Author, new or experienced, you will by now have realised how stressful and difficult things can get. You have to keep your mind clear to enable a creative process, however, things like deadlines, word count, marketing and admin tasks can get in the way of that. Did you know you can get a specific Personal Assistant to Author to help with your needs?

So what is an Author Assistant – and why should you get one?

An Author Assistant is someone who will specifically work for Authors during their writing and work process. They understand the specific needs that come with being an Author, the pace of work and everything that needs to be organised around publications and the build up to it.

What Tasks Can A Personal Assistant To Author Do

Like any other assistant, Author Assistants will all have different areas of expertise and background. The idea is that the Assistant will take all the other tasks that come with writing publications away from you so you can fully focus on the task at hand.

The following tasks are just a selection of what a Personal Assistant to Author can do:

Administration / Organisation
This can be anything from scheduling appointments, updating websites, upkeep of diary, maintaining track of work progress, sticking to deadlines, etc.

Marketing / Promotion
Contacting publishers, connecting with publications and reviewers, writing press releases, setting up marketing appointments, etc.

Why Is A Personal Assistant To Author Helpful

Everyone can use a little bit of help, especially when you are working on big publications with strict deadlines and pressure from (potential) publishers.

An Author Assistant Will Bring:

They can help you stay focused on the tasks at hand. It is not easy getting articles, stories or books from an idea in your head, to a complete story. It takes a lot of focus and the Author Assistant can provide you with much needed structure, keep you motivated and working towards achievable goals so you can make those all-important deadlines that you might have set yourself.

More time
The most important thing for any Author! You will not want to spend your days having to worry about paying bills, answering admin emails or setting up meetings. Author Assistants will take all of that hassle away from you so you can keep the creative juices flowing freely.

Author Assistants have been in the industry for years and will know it inside out. Whether you are a first time Author or an already established published Author, they will know the right, and maybe new, publishers for you to connect with, they can get your marketing going and reach new or wider audiences, and advice on interviews, set up press releases and get the right reviewers for your publications.

How To Hire An Author Assistant

When you are looking for an Author Assistant, have a review first of what kind of tasks you feel need to be done. Then make sure that the person’s background and experience match up to this – there is no point, nor do you have time, to teach someone completely new things.

Look at their background and previous experience – with a specific Assistant job like this it is pretty vital that they have experience in a similar role, or at least have worked in, or understand the industry.

Also look at their availability and be honest with yourself and them. Will you need them on a full time basis or just add hoc, or perhaps on certain points during the week to act as structure and to check in. Are they going to be able to do the hours you require, can they be flexible when needed and how long is their travel time? Even if you have a great connection with someone it is still important to check all these factors as they may create issues at a later stage.

Where To Find An Author Assistant

To find the perfect Personal Assistant to Author you can either self-recruit or use an agency. When self-recruiting, there are many routes you can take:

  • Firstly, share your search on social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You might be surprised how many people can help you or might know someone.
  • Secondly, you can try advertising on free websites like Gumtree. Lots of people are on these websites looking for jobs so the right person might be right there for you.
  • Finally, when self-recruiting you have to bear in mind that it might be a very time consuming process – something you were hoping to get away from by hiring someone! Finding the right person is not always as easy as it seems – and it really pays off to take your time in interviewing people, perhaps conduct a trial day or week, and follow up references and check qualifications.

An agency will cost you a fee, however it will give you peace of mind that everything will be arranged for you. The agency will select suitable candidates, do vetting and checking and will set up interviews and trials, taking away most of the process from you so you can stay focused on the task at hand!

At Polo & Tweed, we have many different types of assistants on our books, including Author Assistants! If you would like to know more please contact us here and our team will be looking forward to speaking with you.

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