Lucy & Costis Live Chat about the Shipping Industry

Published on July 29, 2020

Does international business interest you? And specifically the international shipping industry? Then this is the Live Chat you must watch now!

Join our CEO, Lucy Challenger as part of her Expert Voices series by Costis Frangoulis. Costis is the Founder and CEO of Franman.

Franman was founded in 1991. And has provided a wide range of services to the shipping industry. Costis’ company is focused on shipbuilding equipment, spare parts, and ship repairs. As well as service, consulting, and security services.

Lucy & Costis discuss their mutual love of the sea. They chat about what business is like in Greece at the moment. And the worldwide shipping industry. Also, about what the differences between commercial and domestic use vessels actually are.

Finally, Costis gives some great tips on how to conduct business. How to deal with discretion and confidentiality. And how to deal with multi-million contracts!

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