Life As A Super Nanny With Allie Bell

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Published on January 9, 2018

Full Name: Allie Bell

Age: 44

Location: London

Profession: Parent Coach

Why did you decide to enter your profession?

I always had a rapport with children.

Did you have a background/education with childcare or teaching?

I went to Norland when I was 17.

What were the challenges you faced at the start of your career?

Being so young, a lack of confidence and gaining experience.

What are families in London looking for in an Elite nanny/maternity nurse?


Tell us a little about your first position and what it taught you?

My first position was caring for twins. It taught me to be professional at all times and maintain constant communication with the parents to keep a good relationship.

What skills are unique to super nanny nurses in London?

Confidence/Experience and good strategies. Excellent communication and being supportive of your clients.

Since then, give us some insight into your favourite jobs and what made them so special?

My favourite roles have been those involving a lot of troubleshooting. I love seeing the change in the children and family when they respond to the strategies I have put in place.

What has been the most challenging situation you have faced in your professional career to date and how did you overcome it?

I had one particular family whose parenting style I did not agree with. Unfortunately, we had to part ways as we could not work as a team. I was very open about how I did not agree with how they did things and suggested they went with someone who could work with them better.

What is it like to care for children of Elite London families?

It can be challenging, especially if the hours are unsociable or if the family are demanding immediate results.

What do you most love about your job?

Seeing the change in the families and leaving when everyone is happier and more confident.

What are your top tips for interview techniques?

Always be yourself. Always arrive on time.

What would be your advice to new candidates starting out in the profession?

Be confident and try and gain as much experience as you can. Always ask questions.

Why do you prefer being a Super nanny over, for example, an office job?

I like practical roles and like to get involved.

Lastly, what are your dreams and hopes for the future?

To carry on being a supportive parent coach, helping as many families that need me!

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