10 Interview Questions To Ask An Ofsted Registered Nanny


Published on May 29, 2017

Employing an Ofsted registered nanny may allow the parents/employers to get financial assistance with their childcare costs. Parents can also get childcare vouchers from their employers if their company has signed up for this scheme. An Ofsted registered nanny will also give the parents the peace of mind that she has all the necessary paperwork such as DBS, first aid etc, as without these she will not be able to be registered with Ofsted.

If you want to read further about how you can get your nanny to register with Ofsted, or what Ofsted is etc, you can read more about this here.  But what are the 10 Most Important Interview Questions to Ask an Ofsted registered nanny?

  1. When interviewing a nanny who says that she is Ofsted registered. You will want to double-check if their application is still valid and when it will expire.
  2. Common Core Skills Course (or hold a level 2 childcare qualification). Has the nanny done this course when they registered with Ofsted? And if so, which provider did she use? While there are a lot of one-day courses out there. Not all of them are comprehensive. 
  3. First Aid. Has she done a 12h Paediatric First Aid course? You will find a lot of companies who offer Paediatric First Aid courses, however, not all of them are suitable to register with Ofsted, so if your nanny needs another First Aid course, this is the provider to use.
  4. DBS. Has she got one since she is registered with Ofsted? Nannies are now required to complete the DBS update service before completing the Ofsted application. Should your nanny need to apply for a new DBS, they can do that here.
  5. Public Liability Insurance . Insurance is important is case anything happens to a child while in the nanny’s care. They should pick their insurance provider carefully. A good list to review can be found here.

Other questions to ask at the interview to make sure the nanny follows the Ofsted regulations are:

  1. Do you always make sure that you keep the children safe? And that you are always present on the premises when the children are also present?
  2. Can you make sure that you do not smoke? Nor consume or be under the influence of drugs, alcohol and/or medicine when looking after the children?
  3. How do you make sure that the children’s behaviour is managed properly?
  4. Do you make sure that you absolutely NEVER use corporal punishment?
  5. Would you inform me (the employer) and Ofsted of any changes to your name, address, telephone number. And any offences that might disqualify you from working with children?

Should you need more help/advice on how to get your nanny to become Ofsted registered or how to hire an Ofsted registered nanny, please do not hesitate to contact us straight away. We are always here to help.

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