How to Save Money by Getting a Live In Housekeeper

Published on March 13, 2020

Having a live-in housekeeper is an investment. It is an extra cost your household will be spending, and you need to make sure it is worth it. However, did you ever look at the true cost of a live-in housekeeper? Because by hiring a live-in housekeeper, you might be able to save lots of money in areas you did not think of before.

So what is the True Cost of a live-in Housekeeper and where will you save money?

First things first: let’s look at how getting a live-in housekeeper can save you money on other areas. After all, when hiring staff it is best to be cost-effective. To make sure you get the best possible set up for you and your family’s requirements. And to get your money’s worth!


Do you have childcare at the moment? This could be a nanny. But it could also be before and after school clubs, an Au-Pair or a babysitter. Many housekeepers have experience in taking care of children! Especially if you have a live-in housekeeper, things could not be easier. As the person lives in the same house, they can help out with the morning routines. Breakfast, getting dresses, school run – al the stressful things your live-in housekeeper could help with!

Cooking & Dinner parties

Having someone in your house who knows how to cook well, is a great asset. If you are following a special diet or trying to lose weight, you no longer have to rely upon meal plans or ordering pre-prepped healthy food. Your live-in housekeeper can make sure you are eating all the right things at the right time. Healthy breakfast made for you as you get ready in the morning. The fridge stocked with nutritious snacks. Cupboards stocked with fruit and veg suited for your diet. Your housekeeper can take all this on!

Besides that, would you normally get catering to sort out dinner parties? You no longer need to! Your live-in housekeeper can plan the meal, do the shopping, prep the food and even set the table. Another way of saving money.

Clothing Specialist Care

Clothing care is a specialist skill, and when dealing with delicate and high-end items you want to make sure it is looked after properly. But you can save cost on seamstresses and specialist cleaners with your live-in housekeeper! Many housekeepers are excellent at caring for and mending clothes. They will be able to get so much done without you having to outsource this to a specialist. Giving you peace of mind and sure in knowing your wardrobe is kept in the best condition.

Interior Design

From flower arranging to pillow placement, a live-in housekeeper has an excellent eye for detail. Looking to change up a room? Or maybe even change the whole feel of the house completely. Before you think to hire an expensive interior design firm, have a chat with your housekeeper. They spend all day in your house making sure it looks the best it can be. They have worked in many different houses, mansions, properties, sometimes even hotels, before. A live-in housekeeper has an extremely good eye for design and style so you would be surprised how much they can already bring to the table.

How much is a live-in housekeeper?

So, after looking at all of the money you could save by getting your housekeeper to do all the above. What would the actual cost be? The salary rates for live-in housekeepers in the UK are:

  • Entry Level/Less Experienced Live-in Housekeepers: £350 – £450 net per week / £21K – £30K gross per year
  • Mid Level/More Experienced Live-in Housekeepers: £450 – £600 net per week / £31 – £40K gross per year
  • High Level/Very Experienced Live-in Housekeepers: £600+ net per week / £41K+ gross per year

If you are not sure about how to employ someone, this is a good place to get started.

How can Polo & Tweed help?

Polo & Tweed work with clients all over the world and have many outstanding live-in housekeepers in their database. Not only does the team provide fully tailor-made specialist recruitment services to exactly match your search. They also have in-house training facilities to train any housekeepers to become great ones. You can reach out to us here and one of our consultants will explain the housekeeper recruitment process and provide professional advice.

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