How To Impress During a Housekeeping Trial


Published on June 14, 2020

So you are a Housekeeper looking for a new housekeeping job. And you have been selected to go on a trial. Congratulations! You have clearly impressed your potential new employers with your CV, background but also during the job interview. Now the real work starts. A trial is an exciting opportunity to really impress your potential new employee, so it is important to know exactly how you can prepare, and how to impress during a housekeeping trial!

So what do you need to think of, and prepare for, to impress during your housekeeping trial?

Why A Housekeeping Trial Is Important

As a Housekeeper, it is very important to be able to do a trial before you start a new job. Please note that not all clients will offer a trial. But if you can get one, it is of great value. Both for you and your potential employer!

Firstly, for you, it is the ultimate opportunity to showcase your skills and work ethic. In a job interview, only so much can be discussed and shown. Your true housekeeping skills will really shine in a trial when you can physically show off those skills. It will really give your future employed an insight into how good you actually are so what a great opportunity to have!

Secondly, it is a great way for you to find out if the housekeeping job would be the right fit for you. Again, you can only learn so much about the job during an interview. Whilst doing a trial, you will be working in the actual household. Potentially with the family near or around you. And other employees too. It gives you a great insight into the day to day running of the house. The type of family and atmosphere too. All things that you would not know when you are just going for a job interview!

Come Prepared For Your Housekeeping Trial

You want to make sure you are prepared for your housekeeping trial, as this is key to impress. Doing a housekeeping trial does not mean you have got the job already. So make sure you are on your best behaviour and apply the same rules as you would for a job interview.

Consider a trial an extended job interview, if you like. Treat it like that and you will impress! So that means, never show up late. Make sure you plan your route daily and leave for plenty of time for you to travel there. Even showing up five minutes late can really leave a bad impression. And you also don’t want to arrive looking rushed and stressed from travel too. You should be alert, active and energetic for your day’s work.

If your trial is longer than one day, use this as an opportunity to impress with your planning and organisational skills. During your first day, make a mini schedule of household tasks for the days you are there. Just a simple overview of all the rooms in the house, and its tasks that you can do. It shows you are applying a system and structure to your work!

Go The Extra Mile

A trial is your time to shine. So make sure you are not just doing your work well, but really do the absolute best you can do. Keep everything really neat and organised. Offer to do extra bits and help out wherever suited and possible.

Maybe bring in some fresh flowers, if you know that the family might like these. Bake a cake, some cookies or prepare little (healthy) snacks for the family to find in the fridge. It is all about the finishing touches and you going the extra mile, which will make you stand out. Make sure it is something you are good at! So if you have never baked a cake before, this is not the time to start. But bringing your personal extra touches will impress.

Be Realistic About Payment

One thing you should remember is that a trial is not temporary employment. So the money you will receive for the time worked during your trial, is more a gesture of goodwill, rather than actual payment. It is therefore normal that is will come down to a lower hourly rate than what the job would actually pay.

You need to see the trial as an opportunity to impress, and a way of finding out this is indeed the right job for you. Not a way for you to make a quick bit of extra money!

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

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 To find out more about what options would be suited for you and how it could help progress your career, do contact us here now and we look forward to speak to you!

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