How to Find the Best Chalet Staff


Published on January 12, 2017

It is that time a year again! No, we are not talking about Christmas just yet- we are talking about the start of the Ski Season!  For those people visiting a ski destination, everything needs to go to plan, which means the best chalet staff need to be on hand to provide an unforgettable experience to their guests.

But how can one go about finding the best chalet staff for their property? Read on to find out more.

Why You Need the Best Chalet Staff

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Imagine this: the snow has melted, the sun is hidden behind the clouds and you’ve had a tumble on the slopes. No matter what kind of day you’ve had, your chalet staff should make up for it at the end of the day with their superb skills.

With the best chalet staff on hand, the guests will have a great holiday and make fond memories regardless of their skiing experiences. They’ll probably be itching to make a booking for the following year!

It is vital to have the best chalet staff in place to make the experience unforgettable for all visitors, particularly those who are staying in a luxurious 5 star chalet. There’s an expectation that these staff will go above and beyond for their guests, and working in a luxury chalet will take more than just good housekeeping or cooking skills.

What Skills Should Chalet Staff Possess?

A candidate may be an excellent chef, but are they going to be suitable for the role if they’ve never worked in a private kitchen before? The same question applies to other chalet staff too. Although having specific experience working in a chalet is preferred, a candidate should be able to demonstrate that their character and skills suit this environment. An enjoyment of cold weather, winter sports and snow holidays are also preferred!

The best chalet staff will be interactive with guests whilst still respecting their privacy, and always be able to make them feel like they’re at home. They should also be flexible and be able to respond quickly to the requests and plan changes of guests. A last minute dinner for a new group of friends they’ve met on the slopes? A delayed dinner as they’ve lost track of time? Advice on the best slopes, trips and events in the area? The best chalet staff should be able to offer all these things and more to their guests.

Finding the Best Chalet Staff

Where can the best chalet staff be found? Here are several ways to find the perfect chalet staff for a property:

Self Hire

When you hire chalet staff yourself you are responsible for the entire process. You’ll need to create a job specification, shortlist candidates, check references, verify qualifications and set up interviews. This is certainly a lot of work, and it’s important not to miss any of these steps. Although time consuming, you’ll guarantee that the chalet staff you eventually hire will be the best fit for your property, and won’t pose a risk to guests.

Firstly, you need to create a detailed job description and post it on websites such as Gumtree. Once the applications start rolling in, you’ll need to go through and shortlist some potential candidates.

Always make sure you check the references of your shortlist, and try to speak to the candidates for a pre-interview to see how they conduct themselves. If candidates are already overseas then you may need to set up a Skype call, rather than a have a face-to-face meeting.

Personal Network

You could also reach out to your personal network to find the best chalet staff. Use social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to start your search.

The same processes apply here as they do for self hiring: there are many steps to take to ensure you have a legitimate shortlist of candidates.

Use An Agency

The final, easiest option is to find a recruitment service who can find you the best chalet staff. This will mean much of the time-consuming and difficult work is taken away from you.

There are some things to be mindful of when using an agency to find the best chalet staff. In this industry, you get what you pay for: alarm bells should ring if an agency charges a registration or upfront fee. This is a technique that the inferior companies use to get some money before doing any work. There’s no guarantee that they’ll find you any suitable candidates, and you’ll have parted with hard earned cash with no results to show for it.

Never pay for a search upfront, no matter how good the deal sounds, and always read the agency’s terms and conditions before signing a contract with them. Once you enter into a legally binding contract it will be difficult to dispute a poor service later down the line.

When to Start Recruiting

It’s always best to be prepared in advance. The ski season starts in December, but the best chalet staff will be booked up a long time before that. Over the summer, around July or August, is the best time to start your search. This will give you ample time to review CVs, interview candidates and make arrangements with your new staff.

Here at Polo & Tweed, we offer year-round recruitment support. This means that we can help, even if you need new or replacement staff last minute or halfway through a season. We have many outstanding candidates who are well-suited to chalet work, and they’re available at short notice to help you out.

As always, you can reach us by phone 24/7- even on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve! Our consultants will be happy to help you find the best chalet staff for your needs, or simply offer some advice where needed.

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