How Much Is a Live In Housekeeper?

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Published on June 11, 2021

A housekeeper is much more than a maid or a cleaner.  A good housekeeper can provide a property, family, hotel or venue with a huge amount of support. A housekeeper can undertake so much more than just ‘cleaning’.  They can help care for your pets, run errands, shop. They can even lend a hand with children.  It gives flexibility and support to busy lives. And it also helps ease the day-to-day pressures of running the property.

It is very important that you evaluate and understand the costs before you make any decisions about hiring a housekeeper. A particular favourite route for many families is to hire a live-in housekeeper. This can come with an attractive package that might including living quarters and other perks. Here you can think of things such as a car and food along with a regular salary.

So how much is a live in housekeeper and what factors should you consider?

Why do you need to know the cost of hiring a housekeeper?

When you hire a housekeeper, it’s wise to know the local and international rates. The amount you offer to pay your housekeeper depends on the standard of staff you’re looking to hire. So a better understanding you have of the different rates, the fairer you can make your offers.

Even if you hiring a part-time or full-time live-in housekeeper, you cannot deduct the exact cost of their accommodation from their salary. Each government has guidelines on appropriate deductions from their salary, which might not be as much as you may believe.  The benefits of hiring a live in housekeeper give you great higher flexibility for the property. So this is often the preferred option for properties and families, even though it’s not necessarily a cheaper option.

What are live-in housekeeper cost factors that you should consider?

Your home size

The larger your house, the more time tasks take to complete. Which affects the number of hours the housekeeper has to work and the frequency that tasks are completed. Your standards and expectations also make a difference. For example, if you want your beds turned down and several linen changes each week, then the housekeeper will need more hours.

Frequency of the service

Keep in mind that part-time housekeepers get paid more than full-time housekeepers. This takes into account that they might do additional work outside of the hours they work for you. For a live-in housekeeper, the deduction for a place to stay shouldn’t be like for like. You still have to pay the housekeeper for their time.

Housekeeper experience

A housekeeper with experience and a history of commitment has a high value. So you should expect to pay a higher than average salary. Likewise, if the housekeeper has specific skills, such as speaking a second language or with detailed laundry skills, expect to pay a premium.

Level of clutter

Your housekeeper’s salary should also depend on what needs to be moved or the amount of clutter involved. For example, you should pay a housekeeper more if they have to do spring cleaning, deep cleaning or completely rearrange rooms. Equally, the size of the rooms, perhaps a very high ceiling, may require more time or specialist equipment such as ladders in order for the housekeeper to complete tasks.

Surfaces to be cleaned

Lots of surfaces means lots of clutter. Ornaments on shelves will have to be lifted so the surface underneath can be cleaned. This adds to the cleaning time. If you have luxury surfaces such as marble, or luxury clothes, your housekeeper will need specialist skills to take care of them, which should be compensated for.

Number of tasks

The number of tasks for a housekeeper depends on the size of your household or property. If you have a team of housekeepers then you can spread the salaries and positions within the household. If you have a single housekeeper in the property, then their salary should reflect the size of the home and the tasks they are expected to complete each day.

How much is a live-in housekeeper?

The salary rates for live in housekeepers in the UK are:

  • Entry Level/Less Experienced Live-in Housekeepers: £350 – £450 net per week / £21K – £30K gross per year
  • Mid Level/More Experienced Live-in Housekeepers: £450 – £600 net per week / £31 – £40K gross per year
  • High Level/Very Experienced Live-in Housekeepers: £600+ net per week / £41K+ gross per year

How can Polo & Tweed help you?

Now that you know how much a live in housekeeper costs, are you ready to take the next step? Polo & Tweed can help to find you the best live in housekeeper suited for you. works with clients all over the world to provide tailor-made recruitment services. Each of our clients has specific needs. And it’s our job to help find the ideal candidate for each position. We give advice and support throughout the entire recruitment process up to the point of hire, and through to the future. You can reach out to us here and one of our consultants will walk you through the process and give you professional advice.

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