How Is A Domestic Household Gardener Different


Published on January 20, 2021

Do you know what a domestic household gardener is, and he a domestic household gardener is different? Time to find out! Gardeners can work in all different types of setups. But the domestic household gardener is someone who specifically works for private households. Do you know exactly what that means, and why it is different? Find out all here!

Domestic Households

If you have never heard of the term domestic household, it simply means private families. So if someone, a gardener or other, works for a domestic household. It simply means that they work for a family, a household, rather than a company. This can look completely different per household.

It could indeed be a family who has someone helping them out. Or it can be a large estate, with many different staff members who work as a large team for the household. Depending on the setup, you might work for the family, or principal directly. This would mean you directly reporting back, and being in touch with the family.

In some, mostly larger, households with multiple staff, you will be reporting back to a higher-level member of staff. This could be a house manager, for example, or an estate manager. Often families can have family offices as well, with their secretary running the staffing and HR department. So you then might be more in touch with your direct superior and team members, rather than the direct family members who’s house or grounds you will be working on.

Gardening In Domestic Households

As a gardener working in a domestic household, it might not feel too different from working as a gardener for a more corporate setup. Especially if you are working on large grounds, on a large estate. It might not feel too dissimilar.

However, and this counts for both large and small properties, there will be distinctive differences. Working on someone’s private land is something you really should be aware of. It can be both very exciting, and a lot more personable. As well as that it can bring its own stresses and challenges.

If you are working in a gardening team, chances are you will be taught how to work around privacy situations. As that is one of the major differences. However large the grounds may be, you will still be working on someones private space. Which they may use!

So if you are the only gardener, make sure that before you start you have a very clear understanding of what the rules are, where you can and cannot work and when. It is always best to know everything very clearly beforehand – instead of not knowing, and uncomfortable situations may be created.

Might It Be For You?

Are you a gardener? Have you ever worked for a domestic household? It might be something you want to consider. It can be really exciting working as a domestic household gardener. You can get a lot of great projects done, and chances are, especially in a small household, that you can lead and create your vision a lot too. Some smaller households really love to have a personal connection with people who work for them. They might have kids, for example, who would love to interact with you!

This does not count for all families though, so you definitely first and foremost need to have a passion for gardening, and have the right qualifications, for it to work. Many domestic household gardeners will do part-time hours, so they might work for several different households per week. Which many prefer as it can give a nice variety in your work and activities!

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

Are you looking for a new role as a domestic household gardener? Or would you like to know more? We can help! Polo & Tweed work with clients all over the world who are looking for gardeners. So we can talk to you about what it would mean to work in a private household and find you your next dream job. Why not get in touch now and we can chat about what you are looking for!

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